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Why Tempus’ partners with other hospitals and institutions is a great success

Tempus is a large company that works towards reducing the rate of cancer patients in the world. The treatment of cancer has been quite challenging in the society. Eric found it wise to start up a company that will use technology and information at hand to come up with a suitable solution to cancer patients. Tempus partners with other hospitals first, to help in data collection, learn about what has been happening in the hospitals while dealing with cancer patients. The information is analyzed and used to find a way out. For instance, getting to know how cancer grows, at what point it is manageable and easy to treat, or which drugs are suitable at what degree of the disease.

Charitable Trust foundation of Eric Lefkofsky

Eric has the needs of the community at heart and is always up to help the needy in the society. Therefore, Lefkofsky gathers information about the urgent needs of the poor and then draftssustainable solutions to their needs. Hence, Eric decided to come up with a charitable trust foundation that works out to ensure the wellbeing of the poor.

Activities of the Charitable Trust Foundation

Empowerment programs

The foundation schedules free empowerment programs to the poor and the less fortune members in the community. People in marginalized areas are reached and empowered on different skills that would help them venture into productive activities that will help them meet their daily needs. In most cases, such groups of people learn how to use their skills to make money. Successful people are invited as guests in such programs to give their testimonies on how they made it.

Funding programs

The foundation empowered most people in the community through reaching the marginalized societies and the poor. It went ahead and started funding programs where individuals who are interested in starting up a business or some economic generating activities are given startup funds as loans. These loans are provided with fewer procedure requirements and at legitimate interests. Therefore, most people get encouraged to access the loans and starting up their activities. The funding programs have positively changed the lives of the poor.