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Whitney Wolfe Changes Dating App Expectations

Dating online has become mainstream for so many millennials and middle-aged people that are interested in finding someone. There are even senior citizens that are considering the benefits that come with dating online. What Whitney Wolfe has done is you allow younger people the ability to change the way that they have done dating online traditionally.

Whitney Wolfe has shown that she is able to dance to her own music along with male dominated competitors in the dating industry. She has done everything that it takes to build a business that can make it to the top even if she is the first to do it. By starting the Bumble app and putting the woman in charge, Whitney Wolfe showed the world that her app was different. This would be the thing that started many people to buzz about what this app was doing. There had never been a time where a dating app allowed one gender to be in control. In most cases it was a situation where the communication was balanced. Bumble is the type of app that allows women to make the first move in every potential dating experience. This may be the thing that allows more people to consider this as a different app.

Whitney Wolfe is the person that will be talked about in years to come as someone that changed dating online for the better. She has really done the research and explored what people want to see in a dating app. She is also a young person that has a desire to help other young business men and women find love as well. She understands that many young adults in the corporate world are already busy and tied down to their work. Whitney Wolfe wanted to create the Bumble app in order to expedite the dating process.

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