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What We Can Learn From Jason Hope

Jason Hope has certainly made headlines for his involvement in the tech industry. He has done more than anybody else to give Arizona a stake in the growing tech based economy with his personal ventures. However, this just isn’t enough for him and he wants to do much more for everyone. His newest book Understanding The Internet Of Things Revolution is just the latest example of that. Throughout the book he gives great examples of how IoT is going to make our lives a lot easier and enable entirely new models of business, but the optimism is what makes it all stand out.

Jason Hope takes his perspective from his experience in the tech industry of Arizona. He understands how tech is going to develop and he gives readers all the details their going to need. The Internet Of Things is a term referring to the various ways appliances communicate with each other. This doesn’t necessarily mean the world wide web will be involved, but it often is. The synergy of this technology has the potential to create an entirely new way of thinking about the world around us. It’s already starting to take shape in some forms such as self driving cars and internet connected household items.

There’s so much more to the book than descriptions of technology. He also spends much of his time trying to give us an accurate idea of what to do in order to prepare for this coming revolution. We need to get used to thinking about technology in a very different way than we’re used to. That’s the only way to change things around us in a way we know will last. The disruption of the Internet of Things will mean we work different jobs, have different living arrangements, and instill a level of trust in technology unprecedented.

Jason Hope is a man who clearly understands what he’s doing and will play a major role in helping this change happen. He knows that we need to automate much more of our lives and IoT is the way to do this. He’s already proven himself in a number of other places and this book will only give more evidence. People want to see the Internet of Things take off. A world where our buildings, vehicles, and appliances are alive is going to be amazing. It’s only a matter of whether or not we’re prepared.

Jason Hope Info: entrepreneur.wiki/Jason_Hope