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Wengie’s Bang Hack

Girls with long hair would certainly like to wear bangs that slightly graze their eyebrows. However, the idea of cutting their long hair might seem just too outrageous. They probably spent quite a long time cultivating that growth. However, Wengie has an answer for the girl that would like to wear bangs without cutting her hair. Wengie is a very popular beauty blogger that has an even more popular YouTube channel. She is an Australian of Chinese descent and likes to share her beauty tutorials and beauty hacks with the world via her YouTube Channel.

Faking Bangs
In this video, she shares her connection with bangs, hair extensions, and fringes. I’m sure that most young women are able to easily relate to her experience concerning bangs, hair extensions, and fringes. Hair extensions and fringes are the fake bangs that are available online or at local hair shops. They make switching up a hairstyle super easy. Still, Wengie would prefer to use her own hair to create the look of bangs instead of cutting her own long hair.  This video is another video in the Wengie try it collection. Her channel viewers get to experience new products along with Wengie. Thus, helping her followers to discover great new products or save their money on products.


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  • Alisha Jonael
    Posted May 4, 2017 at 10:01 am | Permalink

    Certainly, this is perfect for the girls out there that are concerned about adding extensions or fringes to their natural hair. Wengie has a very delightful personality that simply bubbles with positive energy. It is frankly a matter of things that http://essaymama.org/ would likely do and to ensure that everything is going to be done swiftly.