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Troy McQuagge’s Team Spirit Acknowledged Worldwide

For the gold winner of the 2016 One Planet Business and Performance Excellence Awards, it was awarded to the chief Executive officer at USHealth, Troy McQuagge. The highly desired awards takes place every year and recognizes leaders and business that show excellence in their performance. The program invites all companies, either private, public, non-profit and leaders in all parts of the world to register. The program awards those that have shown high levels of innovation, social corporate responsibility among other categories.



When asked to speak, the charismatic leader showed his gratitude and humility for being honoured with the gold medal. He dedicated his award to his team, saying that he would not have done it all by himself but through the commitment and the devotion his members have for their company and mostly for their clients. The well respected leader at USHealth added that the company works hard to make sure that their clients always get the best insurance covers. It is through the compassion they have for them that they are able to continue being creative all day long.



About Troy McQuagge


Troy McQuagge has been in the insurance industry throughout his career. This has given him the mastery and art in the field making him one of the best in the industry. As the chairman at USHealth, he has broken his own records since he started working there at 2010. Every year the company makes more sales than it had the previous years. He has dedicated his leadership to encouraging creativity and good relations among his team and his clients. For thirty years, he has worked hard to providing consumer solutions to his clients which is a sign of compassion and also in guiding his companies towards having strong social responsibilities towards their communities.



Prior to joining USHeaalth Group in 2010 he worked for HealthMarket from 1996. He was the president of the Agency Marketing Group. Here, he was in charge of coming up with strategic marketing solutions for the company. HealthMarket was also responsible for coming up with insurance solutions for their clients. His dedication and innovative leadership skills were recognized by the USHealth and thus joined the company. He attributes his success to his bachelor’s degree in business administration from Central Florida University.



In addition to being a skilled leader and businessman, Troy McQuagge is also a humanitarian. With all these years providing insurance solutions for low income earners, he knows the hardships and the challenges that most Americans go through each day. This is one of the things that he draws his motivation from. For that matter, he works with various charity organizations that provide monetary aid and solutions to people in need. He donates to Hopekids Dllas, Semper Fi Fund and others.