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Town Residential enters the Meatpacking District

Town Residential was founded in 2010. It is a real estate firm, which mostly deals with residential properties. It is among the fastest growing real estate firms. The firm now has an office in Meatpacking District. This brings the total number of the firm’s offices to 10. The office is expected to bring the firm’s services closer to the residents in the area. It will also enable the staff to know the neighborhoods in that area. This will help them in providing adequate information to their clients.


Andrew Heiberger is the founder and CEO of town residential. He said that the location of their new office was very strategic. The office is close to many residential properties. This will enable the firm’s staff to show the properties around to clients. They will also be available to show clients who are interested in the area their properties on short notice. This will boost their business.


Town Residential new office is located on 14th Street. The firm leased the whole second floor of the 446W. The lease is for a period of 15 years as agreed upon with the landlord, Thor Equities. Andrew Heiberger says that the new office will attract not only clients but also new brokers to the firm. From the office, one can get to the private roof deck of the building. Andrew says that the unique set up of the office will put the firm ahead of other realtors. Their staff will have enough space to meet their clients.


Thomas & Ingram, a real estate brokerage firm is also expected to join the new office space. This firm mostly focuses on property within the West Village. It was acquired by Town Residential in 2013. The new office will also be accommodating another one of Town Residential’s offices. This office was previously at 45 Horatio Street, West Village.


There are new residential houses close to where the office is located. Being in an entryway to the High Line will also make it popular. From this office, the brokers will be able to get more clients from areas such as Tribeca and Hudson Yards.


Andrew Heiberger did not say how much it cost the firm to lease its new office. He, however, said that his relationship with Thor Equities had been beneficial to the firm. Thor Equities is an investor in Town residential. The owner of Thor Equities, Joseph Sitt is also the co-chairman of Town Residential.


Andrew also founded Citi Habitat, which he later sold to NRT. The firm dealt with rental properties. Town Residential deals with residential properties in towns as the name suggests. It is also among the best places to work in New York City according to Crain’s list.