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Tony Petrello Gives To Neurological Research And States That More Needs To Be Done In This Medical Field

There is a subdivision of Houston that runs outside the beltway where some of Texas’s finest medical professionals are constantly at work looking for the latest cures to complex diseases. But among these health groups is a medical research facility run by the Texas Children’s Hospital which specifically studies the brain and is at work with stem cells and precision medicine to cure disorders once thought incurable. But one key donor to this facility is businessman Tony Petrello who has a real interest in seeing young special needs children one day find themselves free from their ailments. This is because his own family has dealt with brain disorder issues.

Tony Petrello has a daughter named Carena who has been in a wheelchair her whole life as a result of being born with periventricular leukomalacia and developing cerebral palsy. He was very distraught when he was told by even the nation’s top doctors that there was no cure currently for his daughter, but he also realized during that time that almost nothing was being done to find a cure. So he met with two other like-minded people who had started the facility at TCH, and together they all began bringing in funds to support the institute. Petrello has thus far given that facility $7 million out of his own pocket.

Tony Petrello is usually mentioned first when major oil drilling company Nabors Industries is brought up. He’s been an executive at the company for more than 20 years and currently holds the highest positions of Chief Executive Officer, president and chairman there. He is mostly focused on gaining new contracts for the company, pushing for development of more efficient rigs and well technology and making deals that profit shareholders. Petrello got a large raise as part of new administrative policy changes at the company at a shareholder meeting in 2013 which brought his total pay to $68.7 million, the highest of any executive that year.

Tony Petrello went into the oil industry in 1991, but before that he was a specialist in mathematics and law. He was a genius in mathematics in high school and college and got his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in it from Yale. Petrello was outstanding in law after getting his JD from Harvard and becoming an associate at Baker & McKenzie. He helped clients manage tax regulations on their businesses and other merger and acquisition laws for 13 years at the firm before Nabors Industries hired him.

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