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Thor Halvorssen Crushing Evil Around the World

Thor Halvorssen knows what oppression means. His mother was shot for protesting the dictatorship of Hugo Chavez. His father was imprisoned and tortured by the same regime. Halvorssen has dedicated his life to freeing people who are in a similar situation as his parents found themselves in. He himself has gone through adventures of his own. He was once beaten by Vietnamese authorities for interviewing an outlawed Buddhist church representative.

Thor Halvorssen is descended from a Norwegian king’s consul, Øystein, who personally fought off Nazi goons who tried to steal Norway’s merchant fleet. Another ancestor is Simón “The Liberator” Bolívar on his mother’s side.

Thor’s goal is to encourage dissidents in dictatorships to rise up and fight the evil in their governments. He regularly shares media information that illustrates how tyrants across the globe are mistreating their populations. Gary Kasparov, the Russian chessmaster, is also associated with Thor Halvorssen’s organization, the Human Rights Foundation (HRF). Thor points out how large human rights organizations like Amnesty International do not pay attention to the world outside of the American borders.

According to Weeklystandard.com, One of Thor’s biggest complaints is the feuding that is common between different political factions. “I love people!” He complains. Recently, a leftist donor refused to contribute to his organization because of her frustrations with conservatives donating to HRF. Thor points out how the chief legal advisor for HRF is a former Marxist. Thor’s goal is to end oppression from dictators, both left and right, while not advocating a particular group or party.

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