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The Torch Awards Recipients

Receiving an award from your industry when you are in business is quite exciting. It means that you have been recognized as outstanding in your field of business. Most times this will also show potential customers that you are a quality company which means that your business will grow. All of this is welcome by all businessmen and women at some point in their career and many have had some type of recognition for their work. But, to be recognized by an organization such as the Better Business Bureau not only for the quality of your work, but, for the humanitarianism your company shows to your community is something very few businesses can say they have received. Aloha Construction has recently received this honor from the BBB and they are quite pleased. The company prides itself on the work they do and how they treat their customers. They did not expect to get any kind of accolades for the work they do around their community. Aloha Construction’s owners believe that the community is what has made their company flourish and that it is their responsibility to give back to them.

A family owned and operated company, Aloha Construction has been in operation for many years. They provide any type of home improvement or remodeling work that is needed. They have also worked on many businesses by adding expansions on to their existing structures. Previous customers of Aloha Construction have said that the company sends out only the very best of their workers to a work site and that all of the work is done professionally and in a timely manner. Most customers have used their services time and time again in different areas of their homes. The company will also finance the work that needs to be done if this is necessary.