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The Life and Career of Jason Hope

The love that Jason Hope has for the Internet of Things can only be explained through his deeds. As of today, Jason Hope is known for being an investor in healthcare technology. He is very enthusiastic on philanthropy where he has spent millions of money. The success of Jason Hope may have been triggered by the love he has for finance. After graduating from high school, he pursued a finance degree at Arizona State University. Several years later, Jason Hope was back at the University for an MBA program. Asked what triggered him to enter the field of business, he answered that having the education in that line drove him to become an entrepreneur. Back then, he embarked on mobile communication as it was not as developed as today. Jason Hope maintains up to date that mobile communication technology is the greatest trigger for the future. Jason Hope attributes his premium text messaging service to this realization. This is an area that has made him a force to be reckoned with in the field of medicine and technology.

During an interview, Jason Hope was asked how he makes money. He said that he makes his money from a chain of technology companies that he established a while back. He mentions a mobile communications company that he established some time back. The company is called Jawa. Other than Jawa, he says that he has other companies that specialize in marketing services. Some of these services include search engine optimization. At the same time, he has companies that offer interactive software, business information systems as well as digital media solutions. Jason Hope says that he thrives on the realization that technology has the ability to connect things, people and places. Asked how long it took him to become profitable, Jason Hope says that it didn’t take him long. From his own words, he became profitable from the word go.

Asked if he ever doubted himself, Jason Hope says that he was full of doubt when he ventured out. At the same time, he says that this doubt is what keeps successful people on their toes hence are able to think. He says that whenever you are in a new territory, you will be faced with challenges and questions. The ability to handle these fears and questions is what makes people successful. This is according to Jason Hope. He says that unlike people who are crippled by doubt, it acts as a source of passion and inspiration in him. Jason Hope says that he acquired his first customer through advertising. At the same time, he managed to acquire more friends through referrals. Jason Hope says that he always enjoy philanthropy. Currently, he is focused on learning the aging process.

Jason Hope Info: www.facebook.com/jason.r.hope