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The Increasing Presence of Desiree Perez for Tidal

Desiree Perez has become a very interesting person of interest with Tidal. She has helped this music streaming service in many ways, and there is a great amount of respect for what she is doing to uplift this brand. Jay-Z has incorporated the help of Desiree because she has proven that she can do what his former executives cannot do. She is not officially on any payroll for Tidal, but the friendship that she has with Jay-Z is surely one that has financial gains in the making. Desiree Perez has been able to solidify herself as one of the people that has changed the direction of Tidal. She has created a platform where exclusive music content is available, and she is help Jay-Z turn this company around completely, seeĀ businessinsider.in. There are not a lot of other people that have the ability to say that this is something they did, but Perez truly has worked her magic to bring Tidal back to life. Jay-Z has been competing against Spotify music streaming, and this is fierce competition to battle with. It would take someone like Desiree Perez two bring forth a level playing field in which Jay-Z could actually gain customers and even lure some former customers from Spotify and Apple. This would be done by exclusive content that was on the Tidal website, hop over here. This would be one of the marketing techniques that Desiree Perez would bring forth to solidify Tidal music streaming service as a true cotender in the music industry. Interesting info here.


Try this link, http://pagesix.com/2017/04/20/jay-z-looking-to-cash-in-as-live-nation-deal-comes-to-close/.


Perez has been around for a long time as a friend of Shawn Carter, but her presence is being felt more now because she is changing the way that people look at Tidal. People are becoming aware of who Desiree Perez is because she has a bigger role with changing Tidal.


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