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The Chainsmokers: Creating an Identity

The Chainsmokers, an EDM duo consisting of Alex Pall and Drew Taggart, have recently gained stardom after their huge hits “Don’t Let Me Down” and “Roses” hit the spotlight. However, this week the duo are releasing their new song “Closer.” This song will mark a change for the duo, as it will not only feature Halsey on the track, but also Drew Taggart singing.

The two in an interview with Interview Magazine, claim that they want to add an identity to a genre that is usually lacking one. This all began when Taggart and Pall met in New York City several years ago. Taggart had gone to Syracuse University, and decided to head to New York City to get into DJing. Both DJs explain their interest in the genre after seeing that everyone was doing it, but there was no image or identity in it.

They met one weekend when mutual friends introduced them, and within the next day they had hit it off, and began working on music together. Both had difference views, and life experiences, and hoped to put that into a song. After working hard in bars and other venues around the city, the two finally found success with “#SELFIE” and the other two songs priorly mentioned. These songs didn’t blur lines between the genres, but did gain them a massive global audience, and in many ways set the path for their transition.

Follow these successes, they began wanting to tell stories of their lives, how they felt, and become frontman in a genre in which DJs usually were in the back.

“Closer” it was Alex Pall calls something of the beginning. Though the duo worked with popular singer Halsey, Taggart decided to sing on the track, and wrote a majority of the lyrics. Having grown up in Maine, but going to school in New York, Taggart wanted to talk abut his past experiences with superficial ex-girlfriends, and issues that were prominent in his life. Instead of just producing a song, this would place the singers in a place no DJs have experienced.