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The Career Path of Mr. Glen Wakeman, the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings LLC

Glen Wakeman’s career in the world of business and finance started in 1981 after he attained an undergrad in Economics and Finance from the University of Scranton. Since then, Glen has grown to prove to the world that indeed he got it right in choosing his career. Ten years after graduating from the University of Scranton, he pursued finance further at master’s level at the University of Chicago and acquired an MBA in 1993. Today, Glen Wakeman serves as the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings LLC.

Roles at GE Capital

As a young professional, Glen started his career working at junior positions at GE Capital, mostly in offices that involved business strategic planning and development. While there, the company’s management board honored his hard work by naming him as the Growth Leadership role model for the company’s recruits. During his more than 20 years stay at the company, Glen occupied many offices and served in different capacities. Some of the roles he served in include general director of GE Capital and COO of GE-owned Consolidated Financial Insurance Group. Glen’s last office to occupy at GE Capital was the CEO’s office at the company’s GE Money Latin America.

His experience was sourced by several financial institutions who gave him a chance to sit on their boards.

Glen as an Entrepreneur

The experience Glen Wakeman acquired at GE Capital served as the stepping stone via which grew to the great entrepreneur he is today (Slideshare). He first established Nova Four- his first ever company in which he served as president. Nova Four helped developing companies with strategizing for future growth, as well as assisting them in sourcing for capital. In a nutshell, the company was more like a business accelerator.

In 2015, Glen Wakeman was able to join hands with like-minded people to co-found LaunchPad Holdings LLC. The company is a fully automated SAAS that helps upcoming entrepreneurs to grow their trade.