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The Bond Between Pet and Person: Beneful Gets It

A lot of pet food commercials feature animals in a cartoon-like silly caricature fashion. After watching a few Beneful commercials, however, it’s clear that Beneful understands pets and pet owners. A series of Beneful commercials from 2016 featured dogs being patted and scratched on by their humans while the humans chattered on about how much the dogs loved Beneful. Whether the dogs actually loved Beneful is still up for question, though, because dogs love food in general. But what is absolutely clear, though, is that Beneful understands that our pets are not just entertainment factors in our lives; they are priceless beings. While the commercial is definitely talking up the dog food, it is what is not said that packs the punch. All of the nonverbal interaction between dog and human and the lighthearted and comfortable atmosphere perfectly captures relationship between pet and person.