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Tempus Labs Raises 80 Million Dollars Reaching Unicorn Status With Eric Lefkofsky’s Mission In Mind

Eric Lefkofsky, Co-founder of Tempus Labs has helped Tempus raise another 80 million dollars bringing them to $210 million raised since Tempus start up a little over two years ago. This newly raised 80 million dollar has set Tempus Labs to unicorn status. A Technology lab located in Illinois in the highly populated city of Chicago Tempus has taken the medical world by storm in their effort to help with cancer research and treatment options for cancer patients in the Chicago area. Tempus uses different methods to find out more information about a patients cancer in order to decide what the best treatment options are for them and their fight against cancer.

Tempus spends quality time focusing on patients and their loved ones needs when it comes to going through such a difficult block in life such as an illness like cancer. Tempus Labs gives patients peace of mind so they don’t have to worry about how they are going to pay for treatments but instead so they only have to worry about getting through their illness. Tempus Labs gives patients resources by partnering with other cancer research centers in Chicago such as the University of Chicago and Mayo Clinic. As well as partnering with a variety of different doctors in the areas surrounding Chicago who deal with cancer on a daily basis.

Tempus Labs Co-founder Eric Lefkofsky who is also well known for working at Groupon has made it a point to carry his goal in life over to Tempus. Lefkofsky’s goal is to make sure that he helps enhance the quality of human life during his lifetime by providing people with resources to not only Tempus but other cancer research centers in the surrounding areas and providing them with the ability to not have to worry about finances but instead only about what they are going through at the time.

Tempus has over 4,000 employees and is quickly expanding so there is always somebody around for a patient when they are in need of help or have questions about their cancer treatment plan or options for their cancer treatment.

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