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Sussex Healthcare: Changing the Lives of Seniors in the UK

Sussex Healthcare main facilities are situation in the UK. Since its establishment twenty years ago, the organization has been offering its customers nothing but the best. The people who get the services from the company are those who have dementia, neurological conditions, brain injuries, any form of disability and multiple sclerosis. Senior adults have also been getting the medical care they are entitled to whenever they visit the facility. Some of the patients who depend on the services offered by Sussex Healthcare reside in the facility while others came for day care services. Sussex Healthcare has been fortunate to establish twenty homes. The food, shelter and medical care received by the people who visit the center are out of this world. Visit Job Medic to know more about Sussex Healthcare.


Just like any other medical facility, Sussex Healthcare has been thriving under the watchful eye of experienced persons who are not strangers to the hospitality and healthcare department. Shiraz Boghani is one of the founders of the company, and he has been holding the leadership mantle with the help of the co-founder of the healthcare institution, Shafik Sachedina. Fortunately, the two are experienced executives who have been working in the corporate world for so long. The two understand what it means when it comes to offering services to people who want to stay away from home. Sachedina is experienced and top surgeon in London, and he has been practicing for more than thirty years.

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Passion for the community

The two Asian based investors are known for their passion when it comes to matters concerning the senior society. The two have been close friends, and they understand what mental patients and senior adults go through when there is not one at home to take care of their needs. Sachedina and Shiraz have managed the healthcare company from the first day the organization was established, and they are still doing their best for the clients. The two had an idea of starting a modern gym that would cater for the physical activities in the healthcare center, and they completed it early this year. The gym will cater for the people living in the facility and the neighboring areas. Learn more about Sussex Healthcare at companycheck.co.uk.