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Ronald Fowlkes: Jack Of All Trades

The term or phrase, “ Jack of all trades“, is usually given to a person who can handle anything and everything. That could not be truer of Ronald Fowlkes, however, added to that phrase should also be the phrase, “Master of all”. Truly, Ronald has been involved in many aspects from the army to police officer and has formed many great relationships. On top of that, Ronald has built a great reputation among his peers and is respected and admired by many. In today’s world, Ronald has been operating under the title of Business Development Manager of Law Enforcement. Obviously, with such a very distinguished role, Ronald also has to partake and be involved in significant tasks such as handling nationwide scales of production, handling hundreds of sales, leading product development and many more tasks such as these. Currently, that business is Ronald’s role but, his past background and work history certainly prepared him for that.


Before being given the role as a leading business manager, Ronald served as a contractor for the department of defense. In this job, Ronald worked for hand in hand with the United States Army. UNder this job, Ronald was tasked with handling jobs such as arming and disarming zones of combat for the army, advising in operations for the military, analyzing and collecting evidence and even ceasing and arresting individuals. Needless to say, Ronald is highly regarded to handle very significant jobs and is well trusted by many.


Other than this, Ronald was also involved in the law enforcement for almost fifteen long years. Serving people in the great city of St. Louis where he is based, Ronald was involved with multiple law enforcement departments and build relationships where he served. In law enforcement, because of quite obvious reasons, Ronald quickly worked his way up the status chart in law enforcement with his great teamwork, work ethic, and leadership skills. In fact, Ronald was so deeply involved when serving in the law enforcement that he also became certified in many parts of law enforcement branches such as being able to undertake and partake in tactical, defensive, and warfare affairs.


Overall, Ronald Fowlkes served his country for numerous years and was involved in such significant roles that he should be recognized more so than he has. He has managed to get many great accomplishments such as being a veteran of the gulf war, being part of civil disobedient teams and much more. Ronald always puts others in front of himself and is one of the reasons he has built the reputation and the relationships he has throughout the years. He has been promoted constantly, put on a pedestal in terms of status, and is respected tremendously.