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Richard Mishaan – The Man Revolutionizing Design

Versatility is the trait that is rarely found with interior designers. The majority of them concentrate on artistic expression or single craft. However, that is not said of Richard Mishaan who is a globally acclaimed interior designer. The owner and founder of Richard Mishaan Design has persistently delivered quality and unique design by mixing his personal touch with architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture.

Mishaan’s proficiency in interior design is the outcome of a rich profession background. He pursued his education at two reputable institutions; School of Architecture at Columbia University and New York University. Before starting Richard Mishaan Design, he operated under at Philip Johnson, one of the key firms in modern architecture.

Since it was formed, Richard Mishaan has established a name by remaining meticulously luxurious. By going through the vast portfolio of the company, you get the feeling that all the designs are well planned, yet they all appear different. All the designs attract you as they increasingly engage the viewers’ emotions. That is why Mishaan’s work is termed as more than design, but art.

A great Richard Mishaan Design portfolio is that in the Trump Park Avenue. The room only oozes high-end. Its design’s beauty portrays with the fact that there are various dissimilar items within the room that appear to effortlessly coexist. The room has undoubtedly a blue color scheme with every item from the brown desser, cream-coloured couch, the silver vase to the red book matching well.

In addition to his efforts at the Richard Mishaan Design, the designer is likewise a great author. He has composed two books with the objective of passing his wide design knowledge, modern luxury and artfully modern insight. Monacelli Press published both books and the two have good selling. According to Mishaan, the consistent thing in his design is to ensure disparate objects coexist beautifully.