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Richard Dewayne Blair Creates Financial Security

Richard Dewayne Blair of Wealth Solutions believes that a plan for achieving financial goals is something that everyone needs. Blair attempts to give members of the community a guide for finances that will help through life’s milestones, by giving wealth management and retirement planning to Austin, Texas area clients. Blair uses a three pillar approach that looks at retirement needs and current financial situations to provide a financial plan that is comprehensive.

Pillar No. One

Laying out a financial roadmap for clients is what the first pillar is designed for. Richard Dewayne Blair takes the time to find the amount of risk his clients can tolerate to align with the goals they set for themselves financially. He also examines growth opportunities and strengths. Richard designed the financial planning part of the process to form strong, lasting relationships with clients. Clearer expectations are established when he gains a deep understanding of the concerns and goals of individual clients.

Pillar No. Two

Tailoring a long term, effective strategy for investment that fits with the needs and goals of clients if the second pillar’s function. Richard assists in obtaining maximum performance during upward market trends and reducing downward market trends’ negative impact on client portfolios by actively managing and reallocating assets.

Pillar No. 3

Implementation and monitoring are the final pillar. These come after the financial goals have been established and strategies put in place to give both growth and liquidity. He tracks and compares expectations, historical data, model and individual goals for both the company and or client.

Richard Blair

Richard Dewayne Blair had the goal of making a difference in the lives of people when he founded Wealth Solutions. He came from a long line of teachers and was drawn to education. Blair saw how teaching could aid in the growth of both confidence and knowledge and combined it with his financial aptitude. In 1993 he graduated college and entering into the industry of financial services.

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