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Really, Real Secondhand Luxury with The RealReal

The RealReal is company designed to help buyers and sellers unite to fuel a community that allows people to engage in the secondhand consignment of luxury items while keeping it real. As anyone who has tried to sell or buy secondhand high-end fashion knows, the price of expensive items plummets as soon as leaving the store because the proof is lost that your item is not a fake. The RealReal is a go-to because they offer consignment while priding themselves on their expert assessments of authenticity.

The RealReal works from all angles. They have an online store, physical stores (in several major cities throughout the United States), an app, and a robust social media presence. Their Instagram page is cascaded with edgy models showing off just a few of the many treasures they have for sale. The RealReal keeps things fresh with plenty of new Instagram content so their followers are sure to spot something that catches their eye.

In a recent post, a model is seen wearing an orange hoodie and sporting a clear Céline handbag filled with water and a beautiful live orange fish. The photo is captioned “Bring your pet to work day #Céline”. In the comments, followers question the safety of the fish but rest assured no fish were harmed in the making of the photo. In another attention-grabbing post, a model is sporting a white flowing dress with an oversized beach hat and the caption “Does this dress make my hat look big? #Jacquemus“. The RealReal certainly knows how to keep followers on their toes and make their items draw the envy of onlookers. After scrolling through their Instagram, it’s hard to resist downloading their app to find more striking pieces to add to your collection.