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Proficiently Recruiting Niche Investment Talent By GoBuyside

The New York City-based recruitment and networking platform, GoBuyside, has provided global Fortune 500 companies, private equity firms, consulting firms, hedge funds, investment banks and many others in the financial industry with strategically advanced solutions for finding the right talent. Gobuyside has a knack for understanding the intense competitive nature of the recruiting process, especially for investment management and IT professionals. The firm focuses on hiring niche investment talent that could meet the precise needs of each client. GoBuyside currently works with over 400 clients and has a network of talent that exceeds 10,000 firms across five-hundred cities worldwide. Follow GoBuyside on Instagram.

The challenges that most investment management recruiters will face besides the competition is most likely networking. Social media is very effective for marketing and promoting; however, when it comes to finding new talent the struggle is evident. This is partly due to major social media sites cracking down on privacy issues and data misuse that now it harder for its users to trust outside sources looking to hire potential talent. GoBuyside’s founder and managing partner, Arjun Kapur, shuns social media altogether and feels most companies are missing commoditization in their business models and future opportunities. The solutions is that investment marketing recruiting firms should rely on customer-centric communications as an effective strategy rather than rely on networking.

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A credit hedge fund with roughly $2 billion in assets under management became a dedicated client of GoBuyside. Prior to hiring GoBuyside, the client was utilizing a recruiting firm that basically went on a dead end search for 60 days to find new talents. Gobuyside closed their search within 10 days and the client couldn’t be happier. The firm’s team of diligent professionals screen and source only the best candidates for their clients and their execution is unmatched. By exploring a new solution to hiring talent, GoBuyside’s 21st-century platform has led the firm to become one of the leading recruitment firms in the world. Follow GoBuyside on Twitter.com.