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Professional Investor Paul Mampilly Says Precision Medicine Makes For A Great Investment

Paul Mampilly is an entrepreneur in the financial industry. He started out in the business almost 30 years ago when he worked for Chatham Street Management on Wall Street. Since that time he had gone on to work at Bankers Trust Company, Kinetics Asset Management, ING Funds, and Deutsche Bank. While he was on Wall Street he founded a firm called Capuchinomics. This business provided an investment research service. Through this company he taught behavioral finance to hedge fund and other investment managers. Meet the experts on Sovereignsociety.com.

In October 2011, Paul Mampilly made a switch from working on Wall Street to instead helping middle-income folks successfully invest for retirement and other financial goals. He first did this through Common Sense Publishing. He had four investment newsletters at this publishing house where he focused on value plays, companies with growing dividends, and special situations. He was also a member of the Perpetual Income Club where he helped readers invest in bonds.

Agora Financial and Stansberry Research were two other financial publishing houses that Paul Mampilly worked for. In January 2013 he decided to go back into business for himself. He now owns and operates Capuchin Consulting. He says that he offers unique ideas to professional investors regarding what they should invest in. He also publishes financial newsletters through Banyan Hill Publishing as part of this company. He is a senior editor and his three publications are True Momentum, Extreme Fortunes, and Profits Unlimited. He lets readers in on companies which are poised for phenomenal growth. He often recommends tech companies to his readers but he also provides information about investing in other fields such as healthcare. Read this article at Forexvestor.com.

In early March 2017 Paul Mampilly had written an article about precision medicine. He offered some specific companies to invest in and said someone could invest $10,000 and easily see it rise to $100,000 or more within a years time. He was right and the companies he had suggested to readers as good options to invest in paid off very well for everyone who took his advice. He said at the time that precision medicine is a huge breakthrough in the healthcare field and many diseases are increasingly be treated with it. This includes among other things cancer, arthritis, and Parkinson’s disease. He said that doctors are now treating patients on the genetic level and care is increasingly personalized for each patient so that they obtain the best outcome.

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