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Plan Your Retirement With David Giertz

As the president of the nationwide financial distributor and The National FI distributors agency Inc. with 30 years of financial services industry experience, David Giertz is an inspirational, accomplished and visionary leader who can enhance any organization through innovation, process and leveraging strategy to build productive growth. He acquired his degree from Millikin University after which he attained his master in business administration from the University of Miami.

He states that timing, lifestyle, managing debt, wealth transfer plans, understanding your benefits and minimizing risks on time are some of the factors one should consider when setting up a retirement plan. He argues that as much as saving is essential, retirement portfolio is as important too and hence one should be able to know when to stop saving and start spending on the retirement portfolio. The potential influx of capital should also be bared in mind.

Some loans are security-based, and one should take advantage of them, for example, mortgage debt which enables average income tax reduction. However, when planning your retirement, you should consider whether the debt will still exist after your retirement or not. The question of whether you will be able to sustain your debt after retirement is also a key factor according to him.

Wealth transfer plans should always be updated in your wealth transfer document as this will help you align your financials and retirement plans even if your wealth does not supersede the federal tax laws. Involving a financial advisor is vital and your wealth should go to the people you want and in your desired proportions according to David Giertz.

David Giertz also states understanding your benefits before you retire plays a vital role when it comes to retirement. This range from medical to social security and any other thing from retirement plans to payment programs. A person should also focus on reducing any risks two to three years before retirement so as not to compromise your retirement plans.

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