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I Have Had A Great Interest In SENS Foundation, Jason Hope

These words by an Arizona entrepreneur and philanthropist are quite encouraging. For many years, Jason Hope has had an interest in ways in which he will take part in the solving of certain problems that his community faces. It is for this reason that Jason has gone to an extra mile to start different projects that assist raise awareness on health-related issues. Some of the projects Jason Hope started a long time ago include businesses that ensure people get employment. Of burning interest though is how he feels about long healthier living. It is easy to know what kind of a person Jason is. When you listen to his words, read his views, and follow his posts on social media, it is easy to tell what he feels about other.

At one point in his life, Jason said that it is a good thing for each living person to enjoy not just life but good and healthier life. “We all need to live longer and healthier lives. Although it is not an easy thing to do, it is achievable. We need to change the way we approach some matters. The world needs to change its approach to medicine. We shouldn’t be only dealing with treating the problem. Sometimes we need to look at ways to prevent,” Jason said.

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Jason Hope’s Early Life

Jason Hope was born and raised in Arizona. As a young boy, Jason saw how the young and old alike struggle with certain complications that are seen as terminal. He felt that things can be changed if a proper approach is done. It is at this point he started thinking about how to help his community solve some of these problems. Today, several years after his graduation from Arizona State University with a degree in Finance, Jason Hope has started several business initiatives. Some of these businesses have been a major boost to young people.

Recently, Jason pledged a donation of $0.5 million to the SENS Foundation, a non-profit organization that is based in California. According to Jason Hope, the money is to help the NGO conduct its research on how to deal with age-related diseases such as Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and Atherosclerosis.

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Sussex Healthcare: The Prime Provider Of Senior Care Services

Healthcare services are an essential part of any society, especially when they are tailored to meet the needs of particular segments of the population. With this respect, Sussex Healthcare has been a pillar part of Sussex community with its group of care homes and opportunities.

Founded in 1985, Sussex Healthcare offers services that primarily focus on older people and those suffering with learning and/or physical difficulties. Some of the services the healthcare organization provides fall in the areas of palliative care, respite care and specialist adult care. Other services include education and recreation services and dementia care.

Support services offered by Sussex Healthcare include occupational therapy and physiotherapy.

The experience the company has garnered over more than 25 years in the healthcare industry has been essential to their success. Additionally, organization’s principal philosophy is to offer superior emotional, physical, social and spiritual care to clients.

To realize this goal, the healthcare organization endeavors to help people under its care live full lives with the support of superior facilities and trained staff. Subsequently, the organization has managed to employ and continues to attract a committed staff of highly-trained compassionate and professional caregivers.

Some of the positions Sussex Healthcare continues to fill in their more than 20 homes include:

• Accounts Assistant¬-to assist in the maintenance of day to day record keeping and running of the purchases ledger. Other roles include general support in finance department.
• Deputy Care Home Manager-requires a team leader or registered nurse to assist the deputy manager with day to day management of one of their homes.
• Registered Care Home Manager-to manage their Clemsfold House.
• Kitchen Assistants- to offer kitchen services in some of their select houses.
• Activity Assistants- to facilitate residential care services including liaison with surrounding communities among other routine tasks.

Apart from offering various job opportunities, Sussex offers in-house training for their entry level candidates at their house Training Academy. The institution trains employees in various areas, including management courses and apprenticeships in disciplines like nursing.

As a prime healthcare provider in the region, Sussex Healthcare has immense opportunities for almost everyone at various capacities. Avail yourself and exploit the organization’s education, training and career opportunities.

Robert Deignan Is An Entrepreneur Who Gets His Best Ideas While In The Outdoors

Robert Deignan is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of ATS Digital Services, LLC. The digital support company works to support consumers from all parts of the globe who need help with a wide range of technology issues. He was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and studied at Purdue University under a full football scholarship. His studies were focused on Organizational Leadership, which has helped him in many areas of his life. Deignan played with the NY Jets and Miami Dolphins for a couple of years and then moved on to pursue his business interests.

One of Robert Deignan’s earlier entrepreneurial activities was related to Fanlink, Inc., which is a business he helped to found, but he has also been a part of other businesses including the one he is now. He also stays interested in competitive sports and takes part in offshore fishing tournaments as well as other sporting events. When asked what a normal day looks like for him and how he makes it as productive as possible, he commented that he wakes up early in the morning every day around 5:15 am. He then goes to work out at the gym, which is just around the corner from his house. He then returns home and helps to get his kid ready for the day and starts looking ahead to his business day. After this, he answers emails and takes care of unfinished tasks before meeting with his partners to build onto the business.

Robert Deignan has admitted that most of his best ideas happen when he is in nature in the great outdoors. It doesn’t matter if this takes place in his backyard or some exotic location. When an idea comes to him, he will write it down so he can get back to it later when he is working on his computer. He usually checks in with his business partners to see what they think and to get some perspective, and then they all review the idea and see what can be done to make it a reality. Once it has been implemented, his business partners and himself check in from time to time to see if anything needs to be tweaked to make it better.


The Thrill Of Making Some Income Over The Internet And What Upwork Brings

The old way of making money which is by being an employee is quickly becoming obsolete. One of the reasons that being an employee is becoming obsolete is because it is so hard to get work. A lot of people send out applications with not even a consideration being thrown their way. The good news is that there are alternatives. One good alternative is making money online. One good thing about this type of opportunity is that it makes it easier for people in many different ways. Even people that have a job but are underemployed are going to find themselves excited about what they can get with online money making.

One thing they can do when they make money online is find an opportunity like Upwork. Upwork is such a great place to work because it has a marketplace that connects freelancers with clients for some projects that can make them a little bit of income. In some cases, they can find some regular clients because of the skills they show when they write. When people choose to work with Upwork, they are going to be able to experience a world that is a lot different from being an employee.

One thing that the world of the freelancer requires is that the freelancer finds a way to manage himself. The freedoms that come with making money online are very huge for people. Therefore, it is important for them to know how to structure their own day so that they will be able to maximize their productivity. One thing that can help is if they set up a to-do list. They just have to make sure that they have all of the items on their to-do list in one place so that they don’t lost track of everything they need to get done for the day.


The Great Achievements of Talos Energy

Timothy Duncan founded Talos Energy in 2012 and the firm has grown tremendously since its establishment. The firm engages in the production and exploration of oil and natural gas, and it has properties in the Gulf of Mexico as well as the Gulf Coast. The firm’s executives have strived to see the firm grow towards accomplishing its set goals and this has profoundly contributed to its notable achievements. Talos energy has also strived to form partnerships with other prestigious firms in the oil and natural gas production sector, and it recently merged with the Stone Energy Corporation, to increase its production and total revenue.

Talos Energy flaunts a team of highly experienced experts that fully understand the basis for a successful venture. The team members of the firm have employed effective strategies in the operation of the firm, to ensure that it rises to the top. Besides, the ability of Talos Energy to turn around struggling assets has also seen it acquire fame as well as go public without the associated cost of initial coin offering.

Timothy Duncan, the CEO of the Talos Energy firm was impressed with the fast growth of the firm, and he insists that Talos Energy will keep exploring the most lucrative opportunities available in the market. Additionally, Duncan is also proud of the firm for its ability to create employment opportunities for the people of the United States. Besides focusing on promoting the growth of the firm, the team of employees in Talos Energy has also strived to increase the total production of the firm through sharing of ideas as well as exercising teamwork. Though the process of oil and natural gas production is laborious, the firm’s employees have employed effective strategies to ensure that they meet its objectives.

Additionally, the executives of Talos Energy have also put their employees at the forefront and they have over the recent years strived to create conducive working environments for them, so as to increase the firm’s total production. Talos Energy also employs the use of high-quality machinery in the course of their operations, and this has made the work of their employees easier.

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Ian King: The Growth to Train of Cryptocurrency

The world of cryptocurrency is thrilling and exciting for many investors. Problem is that many of them do not understand how to get into trading the virtual commodity or understanding the ins-and-outs of using such a thing. Ian King has devoted his life to managing cryptocurrency and learning the skills necessary to adequately traverse the financial world that is dominated by a cryptocurrency-based system. King originally graduated from Lafayette College. He did not believe that he would be an investment trader, in fact, most of the subjects that he studied while in college were centered around the field of psychology and medicine. It so happened that one fateful summer he participated in an internship with Merrill Lynch that really got him on track when it comes to investment. He found that he loved the experience of trading in he began a two-decade career into its complicated web of financial investments. He worked a string of high-profile jobs with companies such as Citigroup. These were just stepping stones to his eventual occupation as a writer for Bayan Hill Publishing. In this position, he has found a way to divvy out the knowledge she is cleaned over an extensive and successful career, while still participating in the investments that he has grown to love. Follow Ian King at stocktwits.com.

Early into their existence, and King became fascinated with cryptocurrency. “Ian King Explains How CryptoCorns Are Changing the Investment Landscape” discusses some of the changes that he is seen throughout the financial landscape that is centered around the presence of cryptocurrency. He feels as though this type of commodity is becoming more accessible to the investors, even going so far as to say that it will continue to grow at an accelerated rate for many years to come. One of the major reasons for this is that it requires very little from the investors themselves to get started in the process. Visit stockgumshoe.com to know more.

Another reason that cryptocurrency is growing is that it has become very accessible. In King notes in another article “Ian King Says Robinhood Could Help Cryptocurrency Values Soar” of that the growing technology centered around investment has made it to the use of cryptocurrency even easier than it ever was before. Individuals are seeing fewer fees associated with trading crypto currents he threw applications such as Robin Hood, so it encourages them to do more types of trading. This will eventually result in a system of growth that is widespread throughout the community, something that Ian King wants his readers to be prepared for when it comes to their own investments.

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Graeme Holm Is Improving The Financial Lives Of Australian Families Through His Company Infinity Group Australia

Graeme Holm has worked in the financial services industry for more than 17 years and is accredited in real estate, finance, and financial planning. He is an MPA Top 100 Broker and the Director of NSW brokerage Infinity Group Australia. He worked for close to 10 years with the major 4 banks in Australia but became dis-enamored after he discovered that Australian families are not treated well by Australian finance institutions. This is when he decided to startup his own company so he could get into the nuts and bolts of improving the financial lives of people who call Australia their home.


Graeme Holm has talked about the ways that Infinity’s approach is different from the rest of the traditional brokers in Australia. He commented that Infinity starts out by getting to the bottom of their clients’ financial situations and their needs. It takes more than one short meeting to do this, and this is why his company meets with its clients more than once. This enables him and his company to adjust their clients’ weekly budgets and to include everything that they need on a weekly basis. When Infinity offers a loan to a client, they appoint a personal banker to that client who will help them to get their loan paid off as soon as they can. This is not normal in an industry where most businesses are done working with their clients as soon as they give them the loan.


Graeme Holm set up Infinity so that its clients learn a lot about their own spending habits. The company’s debit card concept helps them control consumer spending by not allowing them to purchase anything they couldn’t buy outright with cash. He knows that a lot of the things that people buy just gets trashed shortly after they purchase it. Instead, they could be spending their money on paying off debt or reducing their mortgage. In an interview, he spoke about how he feels that credit is one of the largest adversaries of the Australian family and that people can use their debit card in the same way without incurring large debt that they can never hope to pay off.


It is a fact that close to a third of all Australian families are in debt and are over their head in-debt, at that. Those who hold mortgages are the most in debt, and Graeme Holm wants to change that. The way that Infinity makes a profit during the process is through the fees they charge, which amounts to 10% of a families debt ruction for the year. His company aims to help their clients pay down their home loans much quicker, and Infinity’s business model was created due to the fact that it was losing mortgage commissions because Australian banks weren’t keen to how they were helping their clients. He is happy to be a part of reducing the major source of stress in most Australian families’ lives and plans on continuing to work his hardest to do as much as he can in the future. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/graeme-holm

Neurocore: The Most Recognized Brain Training Clinic

Neurocore Brain Performance Centre is a family owned brain training center, based in Livonia, Michigan, in the United States of America. The company’s main objective is to improve the performance of the brain through its technologically-led sessions. Neurocore has scientifically, designed brain strengthening based programs concerned with hyperactivity disorders, depression, sleep disorders, migraines, autism, anxiety, memory disorders, and stress. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Neurofeedback and Biofeedback

Neurofeedback and Biofeedback services are the latest inventions brought by Neurocore Brain Training center, whereby, after completing brain diagnostic test, patients start the brain performance test and training. Every 45 minutes of neurofeedback and biofeedback sessions will take advantage of the ability of the brain to change, a process is known as neuroplasticity. In 30 sessions, patients learn how to breathe deeper and slower for the brain to start working in a batter range so that the heart and brain can improve and function well. This is a very healthy and drug-free way of becoming healthy.

With Biofeedback training, patients are trained to breathe slower and deeper for the heart to function in a maximum way. That allows the proper flow of oxygen and blood through the body to the brain. In every breath we take, 20 percent of our energy goes to our brains straight away. So, Neurocore advises on breathing improvements and getting immediate feedback on HRV. In Neurocore, individuals are able to get further heart rate variability biofeedback while going through the neurofeedback training. Read more about Neurocore at glassdoor.com.

The Main Treatments

Neurocore’s main treatments include hooking clients up with a device, which monitors the brainwave performance. The company believes that its process and programs retrain and relieves the brain to its normalcy. According to Neurocore, medications are good, but most of them just mask the symptoms for a short period of time. Biofeedback and Neurofeedback training has been shown to be a cure for many disorders including traumatic brain injury. Research shows that the brain needs two days or at least 20 hours’ feedback for it to go beyond its adaptive neuroplasticity stage, that’s why the brain training company recommends at least 3 training sessions in a week. Neurocore has come up with a good invention and they believe that anything is possible with a stronger brain.

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The Torch Awards Recipients

Receiving an award from your industry when you are in business is quite exciting. It means that you have been recognized as outstanding in your field of business. Most times this will also show potential customers that you are a quality company which means that your business will grow. All of this is welcome by all businessmen and women at some point in their career and many have had some type of recognition for their work. But, to be recognized by an organization such as the Better Business Bureau not only for the quality of your work, but, for the humanitarianism your company shows to your community is something very few businesses can say they have received. Aloha Construction has recently received this honor from the BBB and they are quite pleased. The company prides itself on the work they do and how they treat their customers. They did not expect to get any kind of accolades for the work they do around their community. Aloha Construction’s owners believe that the community is what has made their company flourish and that it is their responsibility to give back to them.

A family owned and operated company, Aloha Construction has been in operation for many years. They provide any type of home improvement or remodeling work that is needed. They have also worked on many businesses by adding expansions on to their existing structures. Previous customers of Aloha Construction have said that the company sends out only the very best of their workers to a work site and that all of the work is done professionally and in a timely manner. Most customers have used their services time and time again in different areas of their homes. The company will also finance the work that needs to be done if this is necessary.



Jeunesse Global Pro Wellness and Healthy Living

Jeunesse was founded as a company for promoting wellness and healthy living in the community. To do this, the company develops revolutionary youth enhancement products that range from supplements to energy drinks and cosmetics. The unique fact about Jeunesse is that it was launched on September 9, 2009 at exactly 9 p.m. The number 9, which is a common digit in this life changing moment, is used to represent longevity. As a result, Jeunesse makes its products to enhance youthfulness and a healthy life for better and longer living.

Of all the firm’s product lines, NV has gained more popularity as a micro-misting foundation. Users love NV cosmetic line because they can use it with ease to create an amazing look for all occasions. It is a perfect choice for professional artists and personal use.

When you buy any NV product, you get a BB perfecting mist foundation, primer, and bronze. The primer is colorless and its aim is to ready your face for the foundation by filling up the pores. You will get the BB perfecting mist foundation in 9 shades to choose from depending on your complexion. To spread the foundation evenly across your face, you will use an aerobrush spray nozzle. This cosmetic features an APT-200 polypeptide whose aim is to promote skin youthfulness and aloe vera, which soothes your skin and gives it a flawless look. The bronze will give your skin a perfect glow as you make the final touches on your makeup.

You will get each of Jeunesse skincare products in 1.5 oz bottles that are affordable and convenient to carry in your pouch.

You could also buy Instantly Ageless skincare product, a cream made from natural ingredients and has anti aging properties. Using the product prevents the development of wrinkles on your skin.

Jeunesse also produces LUMINESCE, which is a line of cosmetic products with varying benefits to your skin. You can rejuvenate, moisturize, repair, restore, or replenish your skin with the product of your choice based on your needs. This is the crowning beauty product line for a youthful look.