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Graeme Holm Is Improving The Financial Lives Of Australian Families Through His Company Infinity Group Australia

Graeme Holm has worked in the financial services industry for more than 17 years and is accredited in real estate, finance, and financial planning. He is an MPA Top 100 Broker and the Director of NSW brokerage Infinity Group Australia. He worked for close to 10 years with the major 4 banks in Australia but became dis-enamored after he discovered that Australian families are not treated well by Australian finance institutions. This is when he decided to startup his own company so he could get into the nuts and bolts of improving the financial lives of people who call Australia their home.


Graeme Holm has talked about the ways that Infinity’s approach is different from the rest of the traditional brokers in Australia. He commented that Infinity starts out by getting to the bottom of their clients’ financial situations and their needs. It takes more than one short meeting to do this, and this is why his company meets with its clients more than once. This enables him and his company to adjust their clients’ weekly budgets and to include everything that they need on a weekly basis. When Infinity offers a loan to a client, they appoint a personal banker to that client who will help them to get their loan paid off as soon as they can. This is not normal in an industry where most businesses are done working with their clients as soon as they give them the loan.


Graeme Holm set up Infinity so that its clients learn a lot about their own spending habits. The company’s debit card concept helps them control consumer spending by not allowing them to purchase anything they couldn’t buy outright with cash. He knows that a lot of the things that people buy just gets trashed shortly after they purchase it. Instead, they could be spending their money on paying off debt or reducing their mortgage. In an interview, he spoke about how he feels that credit is one of the largest adversaries of the Australian family and that people can use their debit card in the same way without incurring large debt that they can never hope to pay off.


It is a fact that close to a third of all Australian families are in debt and are over their head in-debt, at that. Those who hold mortgages are the most in debt, and Graeme Holm wants to change that. The way that Infinity makes a profit during the process is through the fees they charge, which amounts to 10% of a families debt ruction for the year. His company aims to help their clients pay down their home loans much quicker, and Infinity’s business model was created due to the fact that it was losing mortgage commissions because Australian banks weren’t keen to how they were helping their clients. He is happy to be a part of reducing the major source of stress in most Australian families’ lives and plans on continuing to work his hardest to do as much as he can in the future. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/graeme-holm

Neurocore: The Most Recognized Brain Training Clinic

Neurocore Brain Performance Centre is a family owned brain training center, based in Livonia, Michigan, in the United States of America. The company’s main objective is to improve the performance of the brain through its technologically-led sessions. Neurocore has scientifically, designed brain strengthening based programs concerned with hyperactivity disorders, depression, sleep disorders, migraines, autism, anxiety, memory disorders, and stress. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Neurofeedback and Biofeedback

Neurofeedback and Biofeedback services are the latest inventions brought by Neurocore Brain Training center, whereby, after completing brain diagnostic test, patients start the brain performance test and training. Every 45 minutes of neurofeedback and biofeedback sessions will take advantage of the ability of the brain to change, a process is known as neuroplasticity. In 30 sessions, patients learn how to breathe deeper and slower for the brain to start working in a batter range so that the heart and brain can improve and function well. This is a very healthy and drug-free way of becoming healthy.

With Biofeedback training, patients are trained to breathe slower and deeper for the heart to function in a maximum way. That allows the proper flow of oxygen and blood through the body to the brain. In every breath we take, 20 percent of our energy goes to our brains straight away. So, Neurocore advises on breathing improvements and getting immediate feedback on HRV. In Neurocore, individuals are able to get further heart rate variability biofeedback while going through the neurofeedback training. Read more about Neurocore at glassdoor.com.

The Main Treatments

Neurocore’s main treatments include hooking clients up with a device, which monitors the brainwave performance. The company believes that its process and programs retrain and relieves the brain to its normalcy. According to Neurocore, medications are good, but most of them just mask the symptoms for a short period of time. Biofeedback and Neurofeedback training has been shown to be a cure for many disorders including traumatic brain injury. Research shows that the brain needs two days or at least 20 hours’ feedback for it to go beyond its adaptive neuroplasticity stage, that’s why the brain training company recommends at least 3 training sessions in a week. Neurocore has come up with a good invention and they believe that anything is possible with a stronger brain.

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The Torch Awards Recipients

Receiving an award from your industry when you are in business is quite exciting. It means that you have been recognized as outstanding in your field of business. Most times this will also show potential customers that you are a quality company which means that your business will grow. All of this is welcome by all businessmen and women at some point in their career and many have had some type of recognition for their work. But, to be recognized by an organization such as the Better Business Bureau not only for the quality of your work, but, for the humanitarianism your company shows to your community is something very few businesses can say they have received. Aloha Construction has recently received this honor from the BBB and they are quite pleased. The company prides itself on the work they do and how they treat their customers. They did not expect to get any kind of accolades for the work they do around their community. Aloha Construction’s owners believe that the community is what has made their company flourish and that it is their responsibility to give back to them.

A family owned and operated company, Aloha Construction has been in operation for many years. They provide any type of home improvement or remodeling work that is needed. They have also worked on many businesses by adding expansions on to their existing structures. Previous customers of Aloha Construction have said that the company sends out only the very best of their workers to a work site and that all of the work is done professionally and in a timely manner. Most customers have used their services time and time again in different areas of their homes. The company will also finance the work that needs to be done if this is necessary.



Jeunesse Global Pro Wellness and Healthy Living

Jeunesse was founded as a company for promoting wellness and healthy living in the community. To do this, the company develops revolutionary youth enhancement products that range from supplements to energy drinks and cosmetics. The unique fact about Jeunesse is that it was launched on September 9, 2009 at exactly 9 p.m. The number 9, which is a common digit in this life changing moment, is used to represent longevity. As a result, Jeunesse makes its products to enhance youthfulness and a healthy life for better and longer living.

Of all the firm’s product lines, NV has gained more popularity as a micro-misting foundation. Users love NV cosmetic line because they can use it with ease to create an amazing look for all occasions. It is a perfect choice for professional artists and personal use.

When you buy any NV product, you get a BB perfecting mist foundation, primer, and bronze. The primer is colorless and its aim is to ready your face for the foundation by filling up the pores. You will get the BB perfecting mist foundation in 9 shades to choose from depending on your complexion. To spread the foundation evenly across your face, you will use an aerobrush spray nozzle. This cosmetic features an APT-200 polypeptide whose aim is to promote skin youthfulness and aloe vera, which soothes your skin and gives it a flawless look. The bronze will give your skin a perfect glow as you make the final touches on your makeup.

You will get each of Jeunesse skincare products in 1.5 oz bottles that are affordable and convenient to carry in your pouch.

You could also buy Instantly Ageless skincare product, a cream made from natural ingredients and has anti aging properties. Using the product prevents the development of wrinkles on your skin.

Jeunesse also produces LUMINESCE, which is a line of cosmetic products with varying benefits to your skin. You can rejuvenate, moisturize, repair, restore, or replenish your skin with the product of your choice based on your needs. This is the crowning beauty product line for a youthful look.


Tempus Labs Raises 80 Million Dollars Reaching Unicorn Status With Eric Lefkofsky’s Mission In Mind

Eric Lefkofsky, Co-founder of Tempus Labs has helped Tempus raise another 80 million dollars bringing them to $210 million raised since Tempus start up a little over two years ago. This newly raised 80 million dollar has set Tempus Labs to unicorn status. A Technology lab located in Illinois in the highly populated city of Chicago Tempus has taken the medical world by storm in their effort to help with cancer research and treatment options for cancer patients in the Chicago area. Tempus uses different methods to find out more information about a patients cancer in order to decide what the best treatment options are for them and their fight against cancer.

Tempus spends quality time focusing on patients and their loved ones needs when it comes to going through such a difficult block in life such as an illness like cancer. Tempus Labs gives patients peace of mind so they don’t have to worry about how they are going to pay for treatments but instead so they only have to worry about getting through their illness. Tempus Labs gives patients resources by partnering with other cancer research centers in Chicago such as the University of Chicago and Mayo Clinic. As well as partnering with a variety of different doctors in the areas surrounding Chicago who deal with cancer on a daily basis.

Tempus Labs Co-founder Eric Lefkofsky who is also well known for working at Groupon has made it a point to carry his goal in life over to Tempus. Lefkofsky’s goal is to make sure that he helps enhance the quality of human life during his lifetime by providing people with resources to not only Tempus but other cancer research centers in the surrounding areas and providing them with the ability to not have to worry about finances but instead only about what they are going through at the time.

Tempus has over 4,000 employees and is quickly expanding so there is always somebody around for a patient when they are in need of help or have questions about their cancer treatment plan or options for their cancer treatment.

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Philanthropist and Financier- Peter Briger

Asset management is what he has been doing since he began his career. Peter Briger is referred to as a leader and a financial professional based in San Fransisco, California. After his high school graduation, Peter joined Princeton University and later Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business, and he graduated with a degree in MBA. Currently, Mr. Peter serves as the Principle and the Co- Charmain of Fortress Investment Group which is an International investment company. Ever since his appointment as the co-Chairman in 2009, Peter has been responsible for various operations as well as the management of the firm. Fortress Investment Group has given Peter the duty of overseeing their real estate as well as the company’s credit fund.

Peter Briger has served in other organizations including Goldman Sachs where he was given an obligation of managing a number of businesses. Briger is a leader who has shown positive leadership skills and this character has given him an opportunity of serving on various committees among them Asian Management Committee, as well as Global Control and Compliance Committee. His vast experience in finance, as well as the investment sector, gave Peter an opportunity to manage different divisions which include Goldman Sachs Special Opportunities Fund, as well as Asian Distressed Debt business. Fortress Executives to Cash In $1.39 Billion From SoftBank Sale

Mr. Briger does not only work at Fortress as the Chairman and the Principle of the group, instead, but he also has other responsibilities in the community including serving as the Board of Directors for the Princeton University Investment Company. He has a passion for the environment, and he has been supporting other organization with the same initiatives. Peter also funded the Central Park Conservancy. Ever since the start of his career, Briger has been working with other associates, and he has gained more knowledge as well as experience making him prominent in the corporate world. Peter Briger values his clients, and they come first, he has built a secure connection with his customers. Apart from business Peter Briger is also a humanitarian he has been very active in community work. Among the organizations, he supports include the Silicon Valley Leadership Council which he is responsible for the Global Fund for children. Council on Foreign Relations is another group where Peter is a member. Council on Foreign Relations is a nonpartisan organization which has a mandate of promoting a broader knowledge of foreign policy among elected government officials as well as citizens. Forbes has listed Peter Briger among the 400 business professionals in the United States. Gift From Alumni Supports Princeton Entrepreneurship

How Fortress Investment Group Became One Of The World’s Largest Private Equity Firm Networks

Fortress Investment Group is quite a large firm with multiple asset classes and one of the broadest arrays of strategies they invest in. They are currently owned by Softbank Group Corporation based in Japan, but they still operate with much of the same autonomy that they’ve had over the years. Fortress Investment Group has four specific private equity divisions in regular funds, credit private equity, permanent capital vehicles and credit hedge funds. More specifically though, their strategies are found in a lot of digital information based companies with portfolios that include cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things developments, and new energy initiatives.

Over the 20 years of its history, Fortress Investment Group has become worth more than $43 billion in total assets. The company was founded by its three current executives Wes Edens, Peter Briger and Randal Nardone, and the now retired Rob Kauffman. They had previously served as advisors and portfolio managers for clients at investment banks like Goldman Sachs, Union Bank of Switzerland and Lehman Brothers, and in 1998 they began the capital raise for their own boutique investment firm. It started around $400 million with traditional financial funds as well as real estate, and the first two major funds they launched were Fortress Investment Fund I and Fortress Brookdale Investment Fund in various North American cities. The firm added several major institutional investors over the next several years and by 2003 it had grown it’s AUM to over $3 billion. In 2007, Fortress became the first private equity firm to issue an IPO on the NYSE and became worth over $30 billion. From there they’ve bought shares in thousands of companies around the world.

One of the first big companies Fortress Investment Group bought was Intrawest, one of the world’s top ski resort managers based in Canada. A more recent venture they will be making under the leadership of former company managing director Rajeev Misra will be at what’s projected to be the world’s largest solar generators in the Arabian Desert. The firm has received several financial industry recognitions including Institutional Investor magazine’s “Credit-Focused Fund of the Year” in 2011.

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Dr. Rod Roheich Improves On Mother Nature

The body that you have may not always be the body that you want. The struggle with obesity can be a life long problem for many people. They will try fad diets, starving themselves, or strenuous exercise routines that leave them lying on the exercise floor panting for breath. There are never any satisfactory results, the excess fat still remains. Plastic surgery is a very viable option, and Dr. Rod Rohrich of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, offers the best care and service with desired results. Liposuction and abdominoplasty are two of the specialized procedures to ensure weight and fat reduction.

Dr. Rod Rohrich provides all of the necessary information needed before any procedure. He and his staff will educate you in the steps for the procedure, as well as the outcome of the procedure. He will instruct you on the guidelines for after care and maintaining the results. Liposuction can be done on various parts of the body to give you the shape and size that you are hoping for. Obesity does not have to be problematic any more when there is an option available that really works. Dr. Rohrich is an experienced plastic surgeon who uses all of the modern, state of the art technologies and equipment.

There are many types of techniques for the removal of fat, but the traditional technique is the suction assisted liposuction. Dr. Rohrich also utilizes the Ultra sound liposuction technique, depending on the needs of the patient. All procedures are personalized for each individual to accommodate specific circumstances. The abdominoplasty involves what is called the tummy tuck. This can also be done with liposuction. Dr. Rohrich has performed many tummy tuck procedures to tighten the muscle and skin of the abdomen, to remove excess fat in the abdomen, to repair widened muscles, and generally flatten the abdomen. Dr. Rod Rohrich is well known as the best plastic surgeeon in the Dallas, Texas area, and he provides the utmost, professional care through innovation and discovery. Deciding to have plastic surgery should be given much consideration with assistance from a qualified, certified plastic surgeon.

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Innovative, Efficient & Progressive: OSI Food Solutions

Are you generally interested in the foodservice industry? Have you ever heard of a company named OSI Food Solutions? Well, if you haven’t heard about this premier food provider, then just know that it is one of the very best in its class. OSI Food Solutions has set the mark for what a high-quality food provider should be. The company is made-up of an abundance of innovative facilities, and these facilities are located all over the world. OSI Food Solutions has a total of 65 state-of-the-art facilities under its belt. The facilities are located in Ukraine, in Brazil, in Canada, in Japan, in Germany, in the Netherlands, in the United Kingdom and in many other places.

Every good company has some form of good leadership. OSI Food Solutions is no exception to the rule because it has two of the very best. Sheldon Lavin is the CEO of OSI, and he provides over 30 years of work experience. Lavin’s great leadership has helped the company in numerous ways thanks to his dedication and vision. Under his tenure, the company has become a multi-billion-dollar company. Thanks to his strong dedication and passion, Lavin was presented with the Global Visionary Award. On the other hand, David McDonald has done an amazing job with business acquisitions. McDonald is OSI Food Solution’s president, and he has been involved with acquiring stake into other similar foodservices companies. “With the acquisitions of Flagship Europe and BAHO Foods, we have broadened our presence in Europe’s foreign markets,” said McDonald.

OSI Food Solutions can produce a wide range of foods such as pizza, chicken fried steak, panini, cheese, pasta, soups, chili, Tofu, poultry products, turkey products, pot roast, desserts, fritters, bacon bits, steak, hotdogs, meatballs and many more. OSI Food Solutions is definitely the foodservice provider of choice, and it will continue to push the boundaries of foodservice excellence.

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Eric Lefkoksky’s The Lefkofsky Family Foundation, And Tempus

March 2018, during the late stage venture Round D funding, Tempus the Chicago based health information received $ 80 million in total investments. Eric Lefkofsky, cofounder of Groupon and Tempus, said the rush of investment funding signals the investment community understanding the current state of health care. Health Information Technology is poised to tackle some health issues only a decade ago would have been seen as science fiction. Technology tools in healthcare is giving healthcare professionals an opportunity to make major breakthroughs, and Tempus is on the forefront of this healthcare frontier.

Tempus is approaching the ongoing fight against cancer from a totally different perspective. The healthcare data analytical company has relationships with all facets of the health care sector, from the pharmaceutical companies, to hospitals, and ambulatory clinics. These facets of healthcare provide large data sets that allows Tempus to utilize their artificial intelligence technology to identify similarities between current and historic treatments. Tempus is approaching cancer from its data trail.

During the Round C series of investment funding, Tempus received $ 70 million from New enterprise Associates, and Revolution Growth. Eric Lefkofsky had the freedom of using his own money for the initial funding of Tempus, which really gave the data company the opportunity to make significant progress. Since 2015, Tempus has gotten over $ 200 million in investments. Eric Lefkofsky shared with the Chicago Tribune they are now officially a unicorn startup and they are worth $ 1.1 billion.

Eric Lefkofsky is also big in philanthropy in Chicago. Eric founded the Lefkofsky Family Foundation in 2006 with his wife Liz Lefkofsky, a private charitable organization. The Lefkofsky Family Foundation has made a tremendous impact in educational opportunities, medical research and human rights for women and girls in neglected populations of Chicago. The Lefkofsky Family Foundation has contributed programs like High School Bound, Success Bound, Teach America and After School Matters.

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