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OSI Industries: The Leader In Global Food Productions

Food production is big time business. Food distributions is big time business. Food management is also big time business. These are three very important aspects of doing business in the food service industry and if one aspect gets off-track, then a host of ailments are sure to follow. Businesses need their products on time and at a consistent rate. Any hiccups in the process can cost a business its reputation as well as cost a business “mucho dinero.” Of course, mucho dinero means money in the Spanish language. When it comes to orchestrating these aspects in timely fashion, few companies can outperform OSI industries and that’s a guaranteed fact.

Why is OSI Industries so efficient? Well, this question can simply be answered by saying that this company can handle the distribution, handle the processing, handle the development and handle the management of food services. Thanks to having more than 60 state-of-the-art factories around the globe, OSI can get the products to its clients at a faster rate. Yes, there are more than 60 factories and facilities that are under this huge umbrella of success. These institutions are located in Poland, in Germany, in Japan, in Canada, in Brazil, in Ukraine, in China and in other countries. This is world wide dominance to the highest degree. In its host country of the United States, OSI Industries has factories and facilities in Iowa, in California, in Wisconsin, in Illinois and in Utah.

In 2016, OSI acquired a 200,000 square-foot facility in Chicago. This plant was once owned by Tyson Foods, but now OSI has put it back into rotation for productivity reasons. By adding this plant to an already stacked roster, OSI Industries’ infrastructure will be even more solidified. In the overseas market, OSI acquired stake in BAHO Food. BAHO Food already had an extensive client base throughout Europe and OSI can now expand into unchartered territories. As you can see, OSI Industries is doing things by the books, and it will continue to lead in the decades to come.

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