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OSI Group Continues To Thrive

OSI Group continues to maintain its outstanding reputation in business. The company began over 100 years ago. It was founded by Otto Kolschowski in 1909. Otto started with a meat market and ran it with his family. After several years in business he branched out and started using his market as a meat supplier to other food organizations within the area. Otto called the company Otto and Sons.

They operated out of Oak Park, Illinois. Over the years the company developed a reputation for being the place to go to for quality meat to support any type of food market. Decades later the company’s services were sought out by McDonald’s CEO Ray Kroc. Ray Kroc was opening a restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois in the 1950s. He needed a trusted meat supplier and Otto and Sons were selected for the job. As the business relationship between McDonald’s and the meat supplier grew, Ray Kroc realized that he could lean on Otto and Sons or all of his meat distribution needs.

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The company introduced innovations such as the patty cutting machine and cryogenic freezing in order to strengthen its relationship with McDonalds. Cryogenic freezing and liquid nitrogen tunnels allowed Otto and Sons to store tremendous amounts of meat while maintaining freshness. This appealed to McDonald’s because their business model was rapidly growing. Having one meat supplier to meet their needs provided a huge convenience. The patty cutting machine gave Otto and Sons the ability to deliver a product to McDonald’s that they were prepared to use right away.

Otto and Sons later became OSI Industries. OSI Group is now a food product supplier to several different fast food organizations. Their client list includes Pizza Hut, Papa John’s Pizza, Starbucks and Subway. They have plants that are operating in 17 different countries. There are 65 in total. Forbes named OSI group as the 136th largest privately owned company in the United States.

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