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Oncotarget Online Medical Journal

The weekly peer-reviewed online cancer research journal known as Oncotarget was started in May of 2010, and at that time was published by Impact Journals. Not only does the journal cover all the discoveries that were made through the investigative work done on many types of cancer, but it also publishes papers on the subjects of endocrinology, pathology, physiology, immunology and diseases that occur as a result of aging. Listen to Oncotarget podcast on Player.FM.

Cancer researchers who submit manuscripts to the publication for review are required to describe their findings in an accurate and comprehensive way and to give a discussion of the work they completed. After their papers are received, a group of reviewers help the editors make decisions on which writings to publish, and they give advice to the authors who need to work on improving their papers in order to get them considered for publication in a future edition of Oncotarget.

Oncotarget produces 2 issues a week, and due to its high influence, it has become a very popular information source among scientists who do research on the pathology and progression of cancer on the human body. Once a research paper is accepted by the journal, it will appear on the website and in PubMed or Medline in 2 to 5 days. Since Oncotarget desires to help humans experience life without disease, its goal is to make research results available in a quick amount of time, and on a wider scale.

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In addition to being a free-access online journal, Oncotarget recently launched a podcast that can be found on the iTunes, Stitcher and Player FM stations. On this platform, Oncotarget allows scientists to go more in depth about the findings that were published in their journal. People who subscribe to the podcast will be given access to the most significant discoveries that contributors made to the publication through complete readings of the published peer-reviewed papers, interviews with the best authors on the platform, and selected readings that are taken from the Oncotarget blog.

Researchers who contribute to the online journal have their manuscripts evaluated only on the basis of scientific merit and without regard to race, gender, or citizenship. Listen to Oncotarget podcast on Stitcher.