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Norka Luque – Venezuelan Singer and Actress

Norka Luque is a popular Venezuelan singer known for working with one of the most famous figures in Latin Music, Emilio Estefan. She was born in Caracas; studied Culinary Arts, Marketing, and Fashion in France; and lives in Miami. Her name was chosen in honor of her mother as she is a strong believer in family. Miami is a hotbed of Latin talent, and Norka is able to take advantage of the fact that she is surrounded by some of the best in the music industry by virtue of living there.

Emilio Estefan is the person whom she credits with allowing her to launch her music career. As a result of being able to launch her musical career, Norka had her first success which was the song Tommorrowland. Her talents were noticed from the age of 8 when her superior singing voice was first recognized. This was the first breakthrough for her which allowed her to reach the audience of her dreams. She created the song Milagro, which was designed to lift those suffering from personal crises up and inspire them to live better lives. Milagro was produced with the assistance and direction of Emilio Estefan and includes other names in Latin Music as well. This song is also a multicultural mix of beats from Latin America, the Mediterranean, and the Caribbean which reflected the global nature of her life experiences. Many of the themes that are present in her music were echos of songs which are in the same theme of those which were performed by Shakira.

Many believe that Norka Luque has the voice of gold and can be compared with international Latin hits such as Juanes. She also recently performed on an MTV awards show, which was a performance that made the audience want to get up and dance. This was a true outlet for her personality, which was radiant throughout the duration of the awards show. All of her songs, as well as her personality, are full of optimism and hope for the future which is why she is so popular.

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