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Newswatch T.V. Doing It Right

These days cell phones are any and everywhere. There are constantly new ones coming out every month. The technology in this industry has increased and is still increasing at a very fast rate. The company Saygus knows this and recently created their own new line of cellphone that they wanted to be show to the public. The are several different ways to do this but they knew they wanted thorough and good work to be done. They decided to go with a steady and reliable source for their campaign for the new phones. They decided to get an Indiegogo campaign to help as well as the always affective Newswatch tv.

Newswatch tv is a famed television that started in the 90’s that has transcending its era and is still going strong to his day. This show has kept up with the times and now has online components in tandem with its legendary TV show. The attention that this show commands has led to several successful products and campaigns over the years. The 3-person hosted show started about finances but now stands to give the most up to date news and tech reviews. They are a credible source for the public to know what a good or bad product in the market and Newswatch showcases this though their product reviews.

When it came to work with Saygus this is what Newswtach did. They reviewed the new lines of phones for Saygus with clips they got from their travels to the Mobile world congress in Barcelona. The review broke down the function and features f the phone and the reception were over all very positive. Tim Rush the president of Saygus expressed that Newswatch knew how to get “the right message, delivered in the right way, at the right time” and that is what contributed to the success of the product.

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