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Lime Crime’s Soon To Be Babies!

Lime Crime is not only popular for it’s unique and fun name but it’s very known for their lovely lip items! These go-to lipies are perfect for any and all occasions. If you want a sexy matte look try Matt Velvetine or if you prefer something that draws the right type of attention to your lip, try out the Diamond Crusher. You’ve been hiding under a huge rock if you haven’t at least tried one of these lovely looking lip products yet!

Lime Crime has taken it up a notch and decided to release a new product that will be coming out soon. A lip tint! This new lip tint will be to die for and will make heads turn while giving you a natural look. So be on the look out for the new tints “Plushies” Even though the new product is already in the works and ready to be a showstopper the company has been trying to keep things on the down low. There isn’t too many details that have came out yet about the products.If you are paying close enough attention to the popular Lime Crime brand then you would know that they have given hints on their Instagram. On Lime Crime’s official Instagram there is a post that is showing the packaging for these new mysterious Plushies. Take an even close look and you will see that the item’s description says “Soft Focus Lip Veil” That kinda gives it away and making us think that this new product release will be a lip tint that will give you a soft look and coverage instead of the bright, loud, shimmery products Lime Crime is popular for.

We’ve asked around to the reps at the LimeCrime company to confirm our beliefs of what the product is going to be. We’ve seen on the website that it’s going to be Lime Crime’s “Cutest Release Ever!” It seems that it is true seeing how the name is just so darn cute! We are definitely looking forward to feeling the soft natural feel of these exciting new lip tints! So stay on the look out with us when these adorable new born products hit the website on January 11th!