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Lime Crime Favorite Beauty Trends

Seasons change along with the colors that boys and girl wear. Certainly, this applies to makeup too. Once the season changes, it’s time to update your makeup wardrobe with the hottest new color trends of the season. Some girls are inspired by the season. The leaves are green. The flowers are in complete bloom. Look in your garden and you’ll spot vibrant shades of buttercup, lilac, pink, rose, and creamy white. Those are the very trendy colors that are showing up in makeup lines like Lime Crime. Let’s take a look at the beauty trends and the products that are the must have’s this season.

Hi-Lite For Unicorns Only

If you would like to add just the right amount of glamour to your look, add Hi-Lite Blossoms in hot and trendy colors that are totally inspired by the beautiful flowers that you see around you in the springtime. Apply the product over your forehead, cheeks, chin, and nose. A great highlighter should be added to every girl’s makeup wardrobe this season and every season of the year. Apply all 3 colors in the palette or select just 1 or 2, it’s your option.

Matte Lips Are Popping

It is a well known fact that Lime Crime produces their own original matte lipstick that is readily available in a wide range of colors. Certainly, a muted matte lipstick should be a part of every girl’s makeup wardrobe this season too. The matte lipsticks are velvety smooth. Colors like cherub, utopia, pink velvet, and scandal will inspire your imagination and might just represent the way that you feel or your present mood.

Capture The Magic With Venus XL EyeShadow Palette

Every girl should switch up her eyeshadow with the change of the seasons too. Isn’t it time for you to reveal the goddess in you with the inspiring colors included in the Venus XL EyeShadow Palette. The colors are smooth and soft. In addition, the palette includes 4 very inspirational finishes to try. The 18 colors that are included with the line will surely inspire you to create several magical looks this season.