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Learn about Osi’s Recent Expansion Projects and Growth News

OSI is a worldwide premier custom value-added supplier of food products to the leading global retail brands and foodservice brands. OSI, a privately held company in the US, offers unparalleled resources and also reach to all the clients. OSI offers worldwide chain management of food supplies and custom food development for all clients to fit their needs and demands. The process starts from sourcing to processing and finally to the distribution where they deliver the packages to the clients. OSI is proud to own more than 65 facilities in over 17 states over the globe. The company has given over 20,000 employment opportunities to talented personnel globally.

In the year 2016, OSI Foods UK was honored with the esteemed Honor Award by the British Safety Council. The award was awarded for displaying commendable habits in the management of the environmental risks. The company received the honor at Drapers Hall which is located in London during an Awards Luncheon. OSI was among the only 18 firms globally in 2016 that received the Globe of Honor Award. For any company to get the coveted British Safety Award recognition award, a company ought to have received a five stars rating in their environmental management audit in a time span of one year. Furthermore, the company ought to face a panel of experts to demonstrate they have excellent environmental standards right from their shop floors to their boardrooms.

OSI Food Solutions, Spain has also announced a tremendous expansion production line. The company has brought in a high production plant which will boost their chicken products output. The plant which is based in Toledo, Spain finally finished its improvements in the year 2017 and cost the company 17 million Euros. Prior to the major improvement, the plant had a capacity of 12,000 tons annually of chicken products. However, with the improvement the capacity has doubled.

The improvement is not only great news for the OSI family but also for those looking for great employment opportunities. A top leadership personnel in OSI, Spain estimated that the company will now produce an average capacity of 45,000 tons of beef, chicken, and pork products annually. That will mean addition of the current workforce to match the high production levels. Moreover, this will be an advantage to the local economy due to the increase of sales which also increases the amount of levies.

OSI’s Chief Executive officer and President Sheldon Lavin and David McDonald respectively were glad with latest improvements in their Spain plant. The expansion is a good indication that the company will achieve their goals of being a global leading food products distributor.

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