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Jeunesse Global Pro Wellness and Healthy Living

Jeunesse was founded as a company for promoting wellness and healthy living in the community. To do this, the company develops revolutionary youth enhancement products that range from supplements to energy drinks and cosmetics. The unique fact about Jeunesse is that it was launched on September 9, 2009 at exactly 9 p.m. The number 9, which is a common digit in this life changing moment, is used to represent longevity. As a result, Jeunesse makes its products to enhance youthfulness and a healthy life for better and longer living.

Of all the firm’s product lines, NV has gained more popularity as a micro-misting foundation. Users love NV cosmetic line because they can use it with ease to create an amazing look for all occasions. It is a perfect choice for professional artists and personal use.

When you buy any NV product, you get a BB perfecting mist foundation, primer, and bronze. The primer is colorless and its aim is to ready your face for the foundation by filling up the pores. You will get the BB perfecting mist foundation in 9 shades to choose from depending on your complexion. To spread the foundation evenly across your face, you will use an aerobrush spray nozzle. This cosmetic features an APT-200 polypeptide whose aim is to promote skin youthfulness and aloe vera, which soothes your skin and gives it a flawless look. The bronze will give your skin a perfect glow as you make the final touches on your makeup.

You will get each of Jeunesse skincare products in 1.5 oz bottles that are affordable and convenient to carry in your pouch.

You could also buy Instantly Ageless skincare product, a cream made from natural ingredients and has anti aging properties. Using the product prevents the development of wrinkles on your skin.

Jeunesse also produces LUMINESCE, which is a line of cosmetic products with varying benefits to your skin. You can rejuvenate, moisturize, repair, restore, or replenish your skin with the product of your choice based on your needs. This is the crowning beauty product line for a youthful look.