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Jason Hope Tech Savvy

The article at http://tech.co/author/jasonhope is all about this years best new IoT gadgets for men, from the perspective of technology entrepreneur Jason Hope. The article takes a look at smart athletic shoes from Under Armour. These shoes are equipped with a type of fitness tracker technology and are called the SpeedForm Gemini 2. The technology keeps track of things like distance, and time and features a battery that last longer than the expected life of a pair of running shoes.

The article also talks about SENS and smart ice cubes. This gadget could become a huge thing for those that choose to go out for drinks and have a good time. Basically when smart ice cubes are placed in your drink they keep track of your ability to drive or not drive due to intoxication. The color of the ice cubes changes to inform a drinker of how much liquor they have ingested. This technology could be a huge move forward in the fight against drunk driving. The article also goes into Appliance Controlling Apps.

This is also a great thing because there are apps that can manage the air conditioners temperature and even track the progress of the washer and dryer. These apps are phenomenal because you are able to ensure that your residence is safe from anywhere just using your phone. The article also mentions other great IoT gadgets like smart ear buds, and the smart sprinkler controller.

The technology guru Jason Hope is definitely at the forefront of the tech age. Jason is from Tempe, Arizona, where he earned a degree in finance from Arizona State University. Hope continued forward even after obtaining that degree and acquired his MBA from W.P. Carey School of Business. Jason Hope is the creator of JAWA, a mobile communications company. Jason Hope spends his time these days as a philanthropist and investor in numerous technological advances. Jason Hope also went to the lengths of pledging $500,000 to the SENS Foundation. This huge donation from Hope was to support SENS foundation research into rejuvenation biotechnologies and fight diseases related to age. Jason Hope is known as a giver in the technology community and an innovator as well.