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Jacob Gottlieb: Story of Betrayal

Jacob Gottlieb: Story of Betrayal

Visium is an asset management firm based in New York in the United States of America. It was established in 2005 by Jacob Gottlieb. Jacob Gottlieb is a medical doctor who got his degree in the New York University. He also has a background in finance whereby he took Economics in Brown University. These two fields have worked to his good and have helped him upgrade career-wise. He has interchanged the careers to his right to gain experience in both camps.

Jake Gottlieb is the Chief Information Officer of Visium Asset management. His passion for finance seems to override his medical knowledge. After completing his medical degree, Gottlieb did his medical internship as per the requirement in the New York University. Immediately after this, he went ahead to put his knowledge into practice. In 1998 he joined Sanford Bernstein and company where he analyzed healthcare globally. He would later proceed to Merlin Biomed Company. He would then continue for greener pastures at Balyasny Asset Management, where he made great milestones and achieved very high earnings. He mainly emphasized teamwork. He had made great networks here, and he would later proceed with this group to start Visium Investment with a capital of $300.

Indeed, Gottlieb has an excellent career story and experience. He has steered Visium to great successes in having an excellent reputation in the U.S.A. This has not lasted for long, however. In June 2016 a fraud was uncovered in Visium. It was as a result of one of his partners colluding with a broker to interfere with a bond mark. This is against the regulations of U.S.A, hence illegal. This has led to dire consequences for the company such as 170 employees had to be laid off. Visium is also supposed to pay a penalty of $8 billion as the penalty for this misconduct.

His partners have left for greener pastures such as; Joshua Brown is now one the Vice Presidents at Paulson Company, Steven KU is currently a minister, Ron Belldegrun is now has funded his own company. Neetu Dhaliwal was seen in the campaign of Hillary Clinton.