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How Ronald Fowlkes Made Great Strides In Public And Private Service To His Country

Ronald Fowlkes is a former Marine who now works for a company whose gear he had always loved in his military and law enforcement days. This firm is Eagle Industries Unlimited, Inc. He lives in St. Louis, Missouri, and is usually called Ronnie by friends and family. As the business development manager, he has a large hand in guiding this company’s growth, revenues, and profit. His job is to be in charge of the commercial and professional products this company offers. His company focuses on providing its customers with tactical gear products which feature the highest quality so that they can be modern, efficient, and most importantly resilient so that they keep their customers safe.

When Ronnie Fowlkes graduated from high school he went right into the Marines, something he had wanted to do for a really long time. Once he came out of the Marines he went right into the employment of the St. Louis County Police Department where he worked for three years. At that point he was able to join the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department where he stayed for a decade before deciding to become a civilian.

In his role at Eagles Industries Unlimited, Ronald Fowlkes has 150 different products he develops and sales. He is also responsible for educating people about the products his firm sales and making phone calls to customers across the United States. His company is involved in both the security field as well as the sporting industry. Ronald Fowlkes and his company know that the vast majority of their customers only want the best gear possible so he makes sure to deliver that to his customers. Peripheral products they offer is reloading gear, optical equipment, and the items people need to engage in sport shooting.

It was from 1989 to 1993 that Ronnie Fowkles was in the Marines. He received two promotions and served in the First Gulf War. After receiving advanced training in several areas, such as the Advanced Navy-Marine Corps Parachute Insignia, he received additional promotions. He also completed advanced training while he was a police officer which qualified him to join St. Louis’ SWAT team. This includes taking advanced training on hostage rescue, effectively questioning suspects, and tactical operations among other things.

On a lighter note, he also really enjoys following sports, especially hockey. Rondald Fowlkes even has a blog where he informs his readers about what is going on in the world of hockey. Not too long ago he wrote about the NHL goaltender Henrik Lundqvist who made history by earning 20 wins in 13 consecutive seasons for which he was honored by his teammates, the team itself, the owners, and the league.