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How Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks Let You Save On Taxes

Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks have been gathering a lot of attention recently. What are these Freedom Checks? Matt Badiali recently released a video talking about these Freedom Checks. The video has caused many Americans to scratch their heads. They are wondering what he is talking about. Read more about Freedom Checks at banyanhill.com.

Since there is some confusion about this, let us clear things up first things first. These Freedom Checks are not something that is run by the government. We are not talking about a government run program such as Social Security or Medicare. Social Security is not a stock that you can invest in. It is not a company that you can invest in. It is simply a welfare program that is set up by the United States and to which you are required to contribute a portion of your paycheck every week. In addition, these Freedom Checks are not a retirement program. They are not like a Roth account or like an IRA, so get these misconceived notions out of your head for now.

However, these programs are better than social security. You can get monthly checks from these freedom check programs which are four times as large as any checks that you would get from Social Security.

These checks come from companies which you invest in. They are allowed to do this under a statute that is known as 26 F. This statute says that companies can join this program if they meet the following requirements.

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These companies need to operate in the oil and gas industries. Ninety percent of their revenue has to come from the production or the processing of oil and natural gas.

The name freedom checks may be a bit surprising, but the truth is that this statute has been around since 1987. Matt found out about these investments while he was working with a financial expert on a project. During this project, he traveled around the world. He met with various CEOs of mining companies and experts on oil and natural gas.

These companies are also known as MLPs. MLP stands for Master Limited Partnership. These companies look for new oil and gas. They are also involved in the processing, transportation, and mining.

These companies need to pay out ninety percent of their income to investors. Since it is treated as a return on capital rather than an investment, it is tax free. Read this article at Money Morning.