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How Logan Stout Successfully Built ID Life

Logan Stout has always been competitive. It is in this spirit that he developed ID Life healthcare products in 2014. The extensive healthcare line includes weight management pills, shakes, energy supplements, and sleep strips. Mr. Stout created the line to help others attain and maintain their best physical health. He believes that a healthy mind, body, and soul will greatly contribute to success.

Early life

Mr. Stout received education at the University of Dallas. As a student at J.J Pearce High in Texas, he was always looking for winning strategies in baseball and basketball. He also loved doing well in his class work and hobbies. The retired athlete was a member of the Student Athletic Council in high school and was the MVP in basketball seasons.

Passion for life

Whether he is running his business, mentoring others and giving speeches, Mr. Logan Stout gives his all. He encourages listeners to pursue their dreams instead of just wishing for things to happen to them. The successful entrepreneur provides his listeners with advice on developing actionable goals. He speaks to people of different ages and backgrounds in several venues such as arenas, sports camps, and private banquets.

Inspiring others

Mr. Stout wrote a book to educate and inspire more people. In the publication, he explains how his sports strategies contributed to his achievements as a youngster, in college, when coaching others, and as an entrepreneur. Mr. Stout draws interesting comparisons between creating and implementing a successful sports strategy and developing and executing a successful entrepreneurial plan.

About ID Life

Logan Stout is a successful entrepreneur, philanthropist, author and speaker. His recent venture ID Life has grown very quickly. He has partnered with Jen Widerstorm, a celebrity trainer and Troy Aikman. Many publications and journals have documented the success of this line.

ID Life offers a new approach to healthy living by supplying nutritional supplements that are customized to meet individual goals. Before suggesting a course of action, experts ask questions to help them understand the customers, personal habits, and health history. They then recommend supplements that are suitable for those needs.