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How Fortress Investment Group Has Outrun Competition

Fortress Investment Group is a diversified investment manager with operations across the globe. Fortress has assets under management worth over $ 43.6 million. The group has been around for 20 years. The investment group has, therefore, acquired the needed experience and resilience to survive the harsh business environment that often alternates with the good times. Fortress Investment Group manages assets for over 1750 corporate clients and private investors across the globe. Fortress Investment Group has managed to scoop up the clientele segment that traditional investment groups have overlooked over the years. Fortress deals in real estate and credit business.

The Fortress Backbone

Fortress has always focused on high performance. They believe that efficiency drives their agenda to the next level. Fortress uses a strategy that focuses on risk reduction in investment ventures. Fortress has also made persistent efforts to maintain a significant number of its workforce. The company has over 953 asset management employees. The company has 216 professional experts in the investment segment in the number of employees given above. The investment experts are based in New York and other offices in other places across the globe.

What Fortress Does Mainly

Fortress specializes in asset investment. It has encouraged its partners and clients to invest broadly in order to minimize the effects of risk. Fortress also offers other consultancy services touching on the pricing of assets, ownership, oversight, and financing. Fortress handles both real estate properties and capital assets. Fortress employs varying strategies in ensuring that it meets its targets. The company conducts buyouts and invests in assets that guarantee the generation of cash flow. Fortress has offices in North America, the Western part of Europe and the Caribbean. Fortress also has an eye for assets that are publicly traded and similarly traded companies with investment in a wide-ranging set of real estate properties. They also deal with companies in the transport, infrastructure development, and the media.

A Rare Interest by Fortress

One of the distinguishing marks of Fortress Investment Group is the fact that the organization has a bias for undervalued assets that are put up for sale because of distress. Further, Fortress knows how to identify opportunistic lending scenarios. It also moves in to salvage urgent loan repayments. The company was founded, purely, as a private equity investment group. Over the years, Fortress has evolved into a global asset and investment trusted manager.

Winter Olympics

Fortress Investment Group was once involved in the winter Olympics of 2010 held in Canada. Little did the games organizers in Canada know that Fortress owned the British Columbia Ski Resort where the Alpine events were to take place. Fortress demanded that the authorities in Ottawa pay up over $90 million, failure to which it would not allow the games to proceed on their premises. Fortress had taken over the management of the assets of Intrawest as a result of the latter failing to honor their debt obligations, and Fortress stepping in to rescue them under agreed terms. Fortress has maintained its market leadership in rare assets. It has managed to turn risks into growth opportunities for many clients. It is not a wonder that Fortress is commonly referred to as an alternative asset management firm.

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