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How Flavio Maluf Created His Own Empire in the Business World

Flavio Maluf is the chief executive officer of Eucatex company and is from a very wealthy family. His father is a renowned Brazilian Politician as well as a prolific businessman. He is also a very hard working person and being born into a family that is wealthy doesn’t mean that he should stay idle. He believes that it is through a commitment to work that a person can fully realize his dreams. Flavio has managed to create an empire for himself and has managed to build a lot of wealth. Read more articles by Flavio Maluf at Business and Economics.

Flavio Maluf is a graduate of the Armando AlvaresPenteando Foundation in Brazil where he pursued a bachelors of science in Mechanical Engineering. However, Flavio wanted to be a successful entrepreneur, and this decision to continue business as his full-time career. He was privileged to take over his family business top leadership in 1997 and has since then made tremendous improvements at the company. A lot of achievements have been realized under his able leadership.

Flavio Maluf is also the president of Grand food, a company in the food industry that is doing exemplary well. Flavio is also a great business mentor and has always urged young people to join the industry with whatever resources that they have. He has always advised people to participate with caution as well as being dedicated to achieving.

Flavio believes that there are myths that have always misled people from joining the business industry. Those people who think that money is everything when starting a business. According to Flavio Maluf, capital comes last and ideas should be the key drivers. With a winning design, finding capital is easier.

Flavio urges new investors to work smart in the industry so that they can leap better fruits. He has always motivated people to join the trade because he believes that it is the only most natural way to succeed in life.

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