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How Doug Levitt Reveals the Less Seen Side of American Society

The first time people hear of Greyhound Diaries they think of a documentary on the breeding of greyhound dogs or something similar. Even though the Greyhound Diaries is a documentary, it is about people, not dogs. It is a documentary put together by Doug Levitt, a creative artist/songwriter. Doug Levitt has spent over 12 years traveling on Greyhound buses in different states of the United States to explore the life of the lower classes.

In 2004, Doug Levitt noticed that the number of those living in poverty had risen to 49 million. He became interested in gaining a firsthand experience with those living in poverty. He wanted to tell a story of what exists beyond the news reports. In Greyhound Dairies, Doug Levitt tells the story of poverty in the form of personal experiences, songs, and photographs. Doug Levitt on Twitter.

Through his travels, he has met different types of people. On his trips, he has shared seats with rural, urban, veterans, Amish, Latinos, neo-Nazis, whites among others. All these people shared a common factor, poverty. Greyhound dairies capture, in a digital memoir, the stories of this less seen class of Americans who do not have laptops, smart phones or cars.

Born 1972 in Washington DC, Doug Levitt had the opportunity to receive the best education. He attended Woodrow Wilson High School then joined Cornel University. Later he was awarded a Fulbright scholarship and managed to graduate from the London School of Economics with masters in internal relations. He decided to be a journalist and moved to London, UK to work with CNN after which he became an artist.

Doug Levitt admits that growing in Washington DC made it impossible for him to understand the struggles of the lower class. But working in the UK enabled him to focus on the lives of those who struggle in life. When he came back to America, he started his exploration as a project, but after 13 years it has turned into a lifestyle. The Greyhound Diaries has not only provided insight into this hidden aspect of the American society but also offered important political lessons on alienation and poverty.

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