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George Soros Protesting The Rise Of Capitalism In Imbalanced Manner

The political spectrum of the United States is filled with numerous corporations and wealthy individuals extending their help, support, finance, and influence to carve how the future would look like. One of these wealthy individuals and political influencers is George Soros, who for many decades has played a significant role in how the politics of the United States shape out. He is not only connected to the political sphere of the United States but of many other countries as well. It is because George Soros supports democracy and wants the world to open their eyes to the danger of capitalism, just as the world population once opened their eyes to communism and Nazism.

George Soros is the founder of Soros Management and is known across the globe as the wealthiest and the most successful hedge funder ever. He has made a fortune over $30 billion in the financial market through smart investments and through his corporation, which continues to be amongst the top hedge funding companies across the globe. George Soros aims to use his influence in politics and the financial recourses to help reach out to numerous charities across the world through the foundation he started by the name of Open Society Foundations. George Soros feel that people should be more concerned about how the politics around the globe is shaping out today. He believes that Capitalism is fast becoming a problem that the world population needs to address for sustainable and peaceful governance; else there would be conflicts across the globe between the people and the government that can take a hideous shape in the future.

George Soros has been in touch with the politics ever since he started to gain success financially because he felt that the upper section of society has a role to play in how the political and social fabric carves out to become for the next generation. He continually strives to make a positive difference in the society we live in through his philanthropic donations, and by support democratic leaders, who are aligned towards the same reforms and causes he believes in. George Soros’ foundation, Open Society Foundation, was recently funded by him with $18 billion, which made it one of the wealthiest charity organizations in the world. It empowers the organizations to reach out further and expand its network globally on a massive scale. It supports the independent political democratic candidates across the globe and helps fight against poverty, racial disparity, injustice, promotes education, promotes with women empowerment initiatives, and more.

George Soros’s political ideology is much inspired by the book named – The Open Society and its Enemies, written by Karl Popper. He believes that the rise of capitalism will shut the voices of everyday people as the people in power would feel they are in control of the ultimate truth and would want the population to follow their idea of truth regardless of the general belief. George Soros believes that it would eventually override the constitutional rights of the people and make political sphere rigid and totalitarian.

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