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George Soros open donation to Open Fund Foundation

Soros in Hungarian, stand for a successor, in the Esperanto language it also stands for someone expected to soar. The name fits soaring investor and author plus a philanthropist worth $ 25 billion and needing no introduction, George Soros. Soros got his name after the family was forced to switch their native German-Jewish name, Schwartz. Before that, George Soros was known as György Schwartz, son of Tivadar Soros and Elizabeth. His father was lawyer who also wrote Esperanto, a language he made sure the little Soros learnt. In his childhood, Nazi Germany had occupied Hungary and the Soros family managed to hide their Jewish ancestry by faking the name and purchased official government papers stating they were Christians, this was to escape the anti- Semitic wave that had swept through Hungary.

Background information

The occupying Germans had Jewish children banned from going to school, thus George Soros started out as an assistant to a Hungarian agriculture Ministry official whenever he went to do inventory of a wealthy Jewish family that ran a couple of businesses, he has also worked as a railway porter and waiter, and was a salesman at some point, selling to souvenir shops. H eventually landed his first job in a merchant bank called Singer and Friendler before moving to do arbitrage trader work for F.M Mayer. From the mid 1950’s to late 60’s, where he dealt in European stocks. From there he became a securities analyst for Wertheim and Co, specializing in European securities. George Soros then became Arnhold S Bleichroeder’s vice-president for ten years and in 1970, decided to start his own fund management firm named Soros Fund Management before it changed to Quontum Fund.

Soros hold has a masters and undergraduate degree philosophy, both from London’s school of economics. He is a father of five.

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Open Society Foundation

Open Society Foundations was in 1993 and is a foundation that has a network that gives grants to members of the civil society and other entities of similar nature found world -wide. The main objective of open source foundation is to promote justice and other factors like media freedom, issues touching on public health and governance among various human rights. The foundation has representation in 37 countries and runs chapters, country and regional, in 120 countries. Open Source Foundation headquarters is in New York City, and it has had a spending of $11 billion towards realization of its set objectives. Read his profile at Business Insider.

Private donation by George Soros and works involved in.

George Soros is said to have given his foundation a total of $18 billion over the years, a record in terms of a single private individual donation for an organization. George Soros has through the foundation and its worldwide chapters, advocated for issues like women rights and those of the LGBTQ community; he also donated to the fight against Ebola by funding treatment centers construction. Soros has been involved in fighting HIV/AIDS and encouraging reforms in sectors such as education and governance, part of his work also has advocacy for minority group rights among others. Visit The New York Times to learn more about George.