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UsHealth Group Inc.

This is a body comprising of National Foundation Life Insurance and Freedom Life Insurance. Through these two subsidiaries, the body offers insurance policies to its employees, small business owners, families and self-employed individuals. Some of its products include income and accident protection, dental insurance, individual insurance, and family insurance. These products are sold through the group’s agents who are extremely skilled and highly qualified. You can easily apply to become an agent, by visiting their website and filling in the application form. UsHealth Group has been in existence for over 50 years and has served at least 50 million customers. The group was initially known as Ascent Insurance but changed its name to UsHealth Group in March 2005. The company’s change of name followed a merger which took place in 1982, bringing all subsidiary companies under one roof.

The breakdown of the current organizational structure is as follows: Mr. Benjamin M. Cutler (Chairman and CEO), Ms. Cynthia B. Koenig (CFO, Treasurer, Senior Vice President and Principal Accounting Officer), Mr. Konrad H. Kober (Executive Vice President and Chief Administration Officer), Mr. Leo Toralballa (Senior Vice President of Marketing and National Sales Executive), and Mr. Robert Byrnes (Regional Marketing Director, Texas).

USHealth Group Family Insurance

In case you need an insurance policy that covers your entire family, USHealth Group Family Insurance is the best choice. At UsHealth Group we offer innovative insurance coverage that meets the budget and needs of our clients, including short-term medical surgery, vision, dental, life, critical illness, and accident insurance covers. Our most famous product is the MedGuard Policy, which is expounded below. Click here to know more.


MedGuard is a health coverage that offers medical treatment benefits, though it doesn’t include non-medical expenses. The traditional life insurance policy will only pay benefits after death, meaning that if you survive a critical illness or a car accident, the policy will not cover non-medical expenses during your recovery. As opposed to the traditional insurance, MedGuard will cover you and your family members, if at all you have been diagnosed with a covered condition. MedGuard insurance will also ensure that you maintain your family lifestyle, even after a facing life-threatening medical challenges. Some of the expenses covered by this policy include paying for childcare, college tuition, and accommodation expenses in case you are receiving care away from home. You will need to renew your MedGuard insurance after every five years to remain eligible for the benefits.

UsHealth Group is obviously a leading insurance provider in the United States. Through the years it has been operational, numerous clients have benefited from its services. Under the family insurance policy, UsHealth Group has managed to keep families safe and secure even in times of life-threatening health conditions. Medguard policy ensures that your health needs, as well as those of your family members, are covered.