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Excellent Communication Solutions to Disastrous Problems in Louisiana

When disaster strikes there enters into our minds a great fear for our loved ones. The state of Louisiana is facing this sort of disaster at this time, with an increase in flooding and the worry that family members will not be safe when placed into harms way. For people who are currently incarcerated for mistakes they have made in the past, their families are especially worried about their well being considering they are confined to some form of penal institution. Luckily for these incarcerated individuals Securus Technologies is not offering inmates and their loved ones the ability to use their calling services for free.

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Securus Technologies is a communications company that specializes in the jail and prison niche. They offer mobile applications that inmates and their family members can download for free and use on their supported Android or Apple device. These applications allow for video conferences between an inmate and someone else, making visitation not only easier to plan for but also less time consuming and more entertaining for all parties involved. The main concept for this form of technology is to bypass the usual issues with security checks and the absence of personal satisfaction from meetings due to being blocked by a security wall.


The fact that Securus is offering this generous opportunity for customers to take advantage of during such difficult times labels them as a humanitarian corporation that cares deeply about the well being of their clientele. In order to take advantage of this wonderful deal the only requirements include you being a family members of an incarcerated individual currently held within Louisiana.