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Eva Moskowitz: Leader for Change in New York Education

Eva Moskowitz has worked hard to make sure that she can help children get exactly what they need out of the educational opportunities that they have. She has worked throughout her career to develop a nearly seamless education system and has worked that into the way that Success Academy is operated. She knows that the school is supposed to be focused on the children and has used that during her time as the CEO of Success Academy to make the improvements that are needed for the school. Eva Moskowitz wants to make sure that children are able to learn and that they can get what they need out of the education that they receive from the school that they attend. She also knows that having a child-centric school is one of the only ways that the school will be able to continue to be successful with the students constantly learning to do more.


As Eva Moskowitz developed plans to start the Success Academy, she learned more about education and how it has an effect on children for their entire lives. She wanted to create something that would allow children to have a positive educational experience that they would be able to keep with them for the rest of their lives. She knew when she started Success Academy that she was going to keep the school focused solely on the children and their ability to learn. She wanted to show them what they would be able to do and the ways that they could make the best decisions possible for their own learning experience.


Eva Moskowitz is an educator. She has nearly always worked in the education field. Before she began developing the ideas for Success Academy, she worked in the field and she saw a lot of things that she thought education shouldn’t be. She also saw that there were some major flaws with the curriculums that public school systems were using. She wanted to change this and decided to come up with the ideas that would later become the Success Academy. He ideas have worked as evidenced by the high scores that students are getting on tests.