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Eric Lefkoksky’s The Lefkofsky Family Foundation, And Tempus

March 2018, during the late stage venture Round D funding, Tempus the Chicago based health information received $ 80 million in total investments. Eric Lefkofsky, cofounder of Groupon and Tempus, said the rush of investment funding signals the investment community understanding the current state of health care. Health Information Technology is poised to tackle some health issues only a decade ago would have been seen as science fiction. Technology tools in healthcare is giving healthcare professionals an opportunity to make major breakthroughs, and Tempus is on the forefront of this healthcare frontier.

Tempus is approaching the ongoing fight against cancer from a totally different perspective. The healthcare data analytical company has relationships with all facets of the health care sector, from the pharmaceutical companies, to hospitals, and ambulatory clinics. These facets of healthcare provide large data sets that allows Tempus to utilize their artificial intelligence technology to identify similarities between current and historic treatments. Tempus is approaching cancer from its data trail.

During the Round C series of investment funding, Tempus received $ 70 million from New enterprise Associates, and Revolution Growth. Eric Lefkofsky had the freedom of using his own money for the initial funding of Tempus, which really gave the data company the opportunity to make significant progress. Since 2015, Tempus has gotten over $ 200 million in investments. Eric Lefkofsky shared with the Chicago Tribune they are now officially a unicorn startup and they are worth $ 1.1 billion.

Eric Lefkofsky is also big in philanthropy in Chicago. Eric founded the Lefkofsky Family Foundation in 2006 with his wife Liz Lefkofsky, a private charitable organization. The Lefkofsky Family Foundation has made a tremendous impact in educational opportunities, medical research and human rights for women and girls in neglected populations of Chicago. The Lefkofsky Family Foundation has contributed programs like High School Bound, Success Bound, Teach America and After School Matters.

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