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Eric Lefkofsky Establishes Tempus In Order To Help Oncologists Treat Cancer

Tempus, Inc is a Chicago-based company that was founded in order to bring modern technology to doctors diagnosing and treating cancer. It was founded in 2015 by entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky and a longterm business partner. Eric Lefkofsky has established several businesses in the Chicago, Illinois area since the 1990s including among others Echo Global Logistics, Lightbank, Groupon, and MediaBank. He continues to be the chairman for Groupon while at Tempus he is the chief executive officer.

In order to develop technology that can help oncologists personalize the cancer therapies that patients could receive, Lefkofsky formed relationships with hospitals and universities across America as well as the National Cancer Institute. Patients receive whole genomic sequencing which can then be looked at to spot errors in their DNA and RNA which has led to their cancer diagnoses. By doing so doctors can use the Tempus platform to see what treatment would work best for that patient’s diagnose.

Over the past three years, Tempus has built the biggest database of cancer patient’s whole genomic sequencing in the world. As the database grows oncologists are more and more able to pinpoint exactly what cancer therapy will result in the best patient outcome. The Tempus platform is based on machine learning that can analyze and organize all of this information far more efficiently than people ever could, even highly trained medical professionals.

Eric Lefkofsky has donated his time and expertise to many nonprofit organizations including locally, nationally, and internationally. For example, he is a trustee for a number of Chicago organizations such as The Museum of Science and Industry, the Art Institute of Chicago, Lurie Children’s Hospital, and the Steppenwolf Theatre Company. Eric and Liz Lefkofsky also co-established the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. They focus on giving money to nonprofits involved in childhood education, medicine, the arts, and human rights.

“Accelerated Disruption: Understanding the True Speed of Innovation” was a highly influential book that Eric Lefkofsky wrote in 2007. This is a book that outlines disruptive businesses and how they can change an industry almost overnight. It is about the rapid pace of technology and how businesses need to either take part in this or get left behind.

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