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End Citizen United Fights For Campaign Finance Reforms

Most of the nations are encountering problems during election times. Political spending in many countries has become too much in such a way that most candidates are buying seats in the governance. There are also some court laws that need to be changed to fight for election finance reforms. Thanks to the End Citizen United that is fighting against this problem on behalf of the people of the United States.

End Citizen United is a conservative nonprofit organization that is dedicated to changing the big money politics by electing campaign finance reforms champions. Also, the organization is aiming at elevating the issue to the nation for conversation as well as passing measures on state ballots. By so doing they will have reduced the unlimited and undisclosed money in politics. This organization is working towards their goal by raising the issue of money in politics as the national priority. They have also used the grassroots memberships who demonstrate the political power regarding money in politics.

The organization stands up for those candidates who are under attack by mega-donors who tend to bring them down. Democrats are as well fighting against united citizens to bring out a meaningful change in their leadership. The Republican leadership supports candidates who are determined to change the broken campaign finance systems. According to End Citizens United, transparency in the political spending is the primary way of reforming the campaign finance. With the help of a team of veteran Democratic operatives, the organization is reaching out the message about the influence of money in politics as well as on the measures to take to stop it.

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The success of this organization will be achieved when the control of the United States government will be restored back to the citizens as well as reasserting the traditional American values of limited government. Their achievement will also be shown by national sovereignty, security, freedom of enterprise and stable families. The organization expresses its message to the citizens through television commercials, film documentaries as well as through web advertisements. It has produced films attacking Democrats including John Kerry, Al Gore, and Bill Clinton. The group has also produced a documentary that is criticizing the United Nations. It is through this films that the organization advocates for the citizens of the United States for a restoration of the traditional government of America.

ECU was founded in 1988 and has over 20 years of experience in fighting against the Supreme Court laws as well as many cases regarding political elections in the United States. It current chairman who is also the president is David Bossie. He worked with Trump in the year 2016 as the deputy campaign manager of the current president of America. Currently, ECU endorsed itself with 11 candidates who are expected to bring change to this organization. The ultimate goal is to pass constitutional amendments that will reverse the Supreme Court. The face of the American politics is expected to change as this organization continues with its campaign.

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