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Edisoft Solutions for Better Business

Measuring performance is becoming more and more important in the business world. Efficiency and effectiveness can lose a business a lot of money. On-time performance is now among the key performance indicators companies measure in they look at the different transportation department data accumulated over time. It can be one of the shows of success or failure so modern technology solutions that help with these measurements. Whether transportation involves sea or air, the journey time can be measured. The same goes for the rail carriers since their departures and arrivals are measured very strictly to avoid any problems on the railway. However, not all companies measured their on-time performance. The evolution of modern technology now offers companies a lot of data about their shipments. It allows managers to take measurements they were not able to make even a decade ago.


Edisoft is a company that offers companies solutions for Chain Performance and its measuring. It works with businesses to create exactly what the company needs. Edisoft offices are located in Canada and the US, but they work with clients from all over the world.


Founded in 1995 Edisoft set out to impress the growing demand for software that would make tracking and measure data easier. It implements straight into their clients’ accounting software, and this way doesn’t add any tasks for employees to do to track the performance.


They also help clients understand the data afterward, extracting it and analyzing it. It is as important to business owners as the data track itself (Twitter). The software allows the synchronization of the different forms of the various data across time zones. This kind of software can be a great help when businesses are starting to seriously work with the data coming in from shipping and transactions.


It is also helpful for large enterprises trading with customers around the world. Tracking shipping across the globe is much easier when there is a system in place that solves the issues, and there is no need for stacks of paper that can be confusing. Edisoft offers software which is easy to install as well as it is easy to use.

More about Edisoft at https://angel.co/edisoft